How to Change the App Drawer Type of Your Realme

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It is undoubtedly one of the nerve centers of our phones, the application drawer. A place that we access many times a day to run our favorite apps. A drawer that we can customize to our liking on Realme mobiles , thanks to its customization layer, which is now releasing its second generation.

The application drawer is something that has differentiated Android phones from iPhones for many years. While the former could have the applications hidden, in the case of the iPhone they have always been shown all at once at the start. In Realme mobiles we can actually choose either of the two types.

What type of drawer suits us?

As we say in a Realme mobile we have the possibility to choose between three different types of drawer . The first of these is the standard , which is more similar to the one that iPhones have always used. In this mode, all the installed applications are shown on the home screen, so the icons are piling up on it and we must slide the screen from right to left to move between them.

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Then we have the drawer mode , which can be accessed by sliding the home screen from the bottom up. By default, all the apps that we install on our mobile are added to the drawer. Therefore, they will only appear on the home screen if we expressly make them a direct access. This is the most common method used in Android, since it is a mixed solution, which allows us to have a clean main home screen of icons, and the others with icons, widgets or both.

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Finally we have the simple mode , which we could describe as the ideal for older people. Since in this mode the icons are not only larger, but there are fewer on the screen. Instead of having four columns of icons, there are only three, which benefits those larger-sized icons. Therefore with these three options we can give our phone a more personal touch.

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How do I change the type of drawer?

Well, it is very simple, because the Realme UI settings allow us to change it in a simple way by doing the following:

  • Enter the settings of your Realme
  • Click on “Home screen and wallpaper”
  • Select “Home Screen Mode”

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Now we only have to choose one of the three modes that we have described, and click on the “Apply” button. Something you should be sure to do, because switching between one mode or another could disrupt the design of our current home screen.

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