Notch of the iPhone 13: New Rumors about Its Appearance

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The months of January are still far from the launch of the new Apple iPhone, although they are usually the months in which we already know the first details about the design they will have. This has happened like this in recent years and then it has come quite close to what they have been, see the iPhone 11 with its particular camera module or the iPhone 12 with its redesign of the sides. Now we have been able to learn new information about what the iPhone 13 will be like and, as in everything, there are good things and bad things.

Notch of the iPhone 13

Thicker iPhone 13, although similar to 12

From 2014 to 2019, Apple kept an identical design on the sides of their iPhones and it doesn’t seem like they are going to go crazy now and change it every year. The flat-sided design with curved corners that was rescued from the iPhone 4s looks like it’s back for a long time. From Mac Otakara, the medium that has released the report on the design of the iPhone 13, they clarify that Apple intends to maintain an identical design in this regard, although probably somewhat thicker. Will it be to incorporate a larger battery? This is probably one of the reasons, although nothing has been specified at this time. It also seems that the rear shape with the camera modules will be similar to what we have been seeing in the last two years. Of course, there could be a change in terms of the sapphire that covers the lenses.

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Cámara iPhone 12 Pro

The controversial ‘notch’ will remain present

Since the iPhone X was launched in 2017 as Apple’s first phone with ‘notch’, complaints and requests from users to remove it have not stopped. The reason for the existence of this eyebrow on the front of Apple phones lies in the need to incorporate Truedepth sensors that allow Face ID to be the best facial recognition on the market. Although there are already brands that are placing the camera under the screen, it is still a very early technology and that it would be impossible for Apple to accept for the integration of the aforementioned sensors.

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Mac Otakara reports that there will be changes in the ‘notch’ , although not its disappearance. It is said that it could be thinner and take up less front of the devices. This was something that was already expected this year, at least for the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, however we continue to have exactly the same ‘notch’ in any of the iPhone launched since 2017 (except for the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE 2020).

Notch iPhone

No realistic mockups or renderings

Since Apple does not usually filter the design of its iPhone, it is the graphic designers who create the different renders and mockups that emulate the design of the devices to get an idea of what they will be like. Currently there are many concepts on the Internet that imagine the iPhone 13 in their own way, but at the moment none has emerged that is faithful to these latest rumors launched by Mac Otakara. It is probably this medium that at some point publishes images of models as they have done in previous years. That is why we will be attentive to see more precisely what the next flagships of the Cupertino company will be like.

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