How to Share Wifi with a Samsung in the 5GHz Band

One of the best functions that our phones have is to be able to share the Internet connection through Wifi to other mobiles and devices. Samsung mobiles are no less, but they also allow us to make a key adjustment, that of choosing the band of the new Wifi network with which we will share our data.

Not all mobiles have this function, to choose the band of the Wi-Fi network that we share, that is why each manufacturer implements it in one way, if it does, as in this case when we talk about Samsung mobiles with One UI .

Why choose the 5Ghz network?

The Wi-Fi networks that we have at home normally have two bands, especially if we talk about fiber connections. The choice of one or the other depends on different factors. In the case of the 2.4Ghz bands , which are more common, we have less fast connections, generally they do not usually exceed 50mbps, but in return they offer us a more distant signal range. It is also a band with which more devices are compatible, especially the Internet of Things, so depending on what you are going to connect it can be a good choice.

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In the case of choosing a 5GHz network we must take into account the following, that this network will not have a range as far as 2.4GHz, therefore the signal will be weaker, but in return the speed will be much higher , reaching to be in some cases up to ten times more. Therefore, if we are going to connect telephones with modems that can connect to this type of network and take advantage of its full potential, it is the best option, always sacrificing the range of the signal.

How do you choose one or the other network?

Well, it is very simple, because we can find it within the Wifi settings , in the menu to share the usual connection.

  • Enter the One UI settings
  • Click on “shared connection”
  • Activate connection sharing
  • Choose the “Band” button
  • Now select between 2.4GHz or 5Ghz

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Once we choose one or the other, the connection will be shared through Wifi using these bands. Therefore, if we choose the 5GHz one, it will only be the mobile phones that are compatible with Wifi ac which can see that network. So you know, if you want to share the Wifi with all the possible speed that your mobile can offer, do it with a 5GHz band.

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