Tips to Create a Good Resume in Word This year 2024

Tips to Create a Good Resume in Word This year 2024. Unfortunately, the availability of work in these times is not something that is almost anywhere. That is why we must know how to sell ourselves as best we can to companies that can offer us a position. For this, what better way than to have a good CV that stands out from the rest.

It is clear that when talking about a CV , in principle its content is the most important thing. Here we refer to the preparation we have in advance for that specific position, as well as the accumulated experience. But most of you will already know, in many cases from your own experience, that this is not always enough. As we said, to access a job in these times, we must also know how to sell ourselves in some way.

Tips to Create a Good Resume in Word

One of the most effective ways is to have a complete curriculum , but at the same time designed in the best way. A badly done CV is often discarded for precisely that reason, without even taking the content into account. Many users choose to design these contents in one of the most popular programs such as Microsoft‘s Word. It is a success, but at the same time you have to know how to make the most of the enormous number of functions and options that this particular program presents us with.

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It is for all this that in these same lines we are going to show you how you can design or create a good resume from Word that serves as an excellent cover letter.

Make a good organization of the contents

We must structure in the best way the different sections that are part of our CV. For example, by jobs, types of studies , years, etc. It all depends on the type of resume, but, for example, using tabs and line spacing in Word, we must make the document as readable and easy to consult as possible. This will open doors for us, since whoever reads it can quickly go to the sections that interest them.

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Use Word templates

In the event that we are not experts in the use of this program , we can always use the so-called Word templates. These save us from having to start the document from scratch and we have them in a multitude of categories , including the one that does not interest in this case. They also provide us with very attractive designs in which we only have to enter our personal data.

Plantillas curriculum

Use professional fonts

This is a text editor that, as with most, has a multitude of typographic fonts that we can use. That is why many are tempted to use some flashy or original. That is a mistake , the best choice in this sense is to opt for serious and professional sources, this is not the best element to try to attract attention.

Avoid flashy colors and highlights

Furthermore, this can also be extrapolated to other elements that Word also offers us when dealing with texts as such. By this we mean that in this case we must avoid the use of colors in the fonts , or huge sizes of them to highlight certain content.

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Attach a quality photo to the resume

As you know, this is a program that in addition to texts allows working with many other additional elements, including photos . Well, when designing your own CV, we recommend that it include a photo of your face. In addition, it must be of good quality and resolution, something that translates into professionalism . A bad or pixelated photo does not give a good first image of us.

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