Garmin Women’s Watch Lily Features, Video, and Price

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Garmin Women’s Watch Lily Features, Video, and Price

Garmin Women’s Watch: Lily Features, Video, and Price. It is not the first time that we have seen a technological proposal “intended for women” and, in general, the invention never goes well. Garmin, however, also wants to try it in this particular sector? with the launch of a smart watch for women. What is special about this model?

Lily, the new thing from Garmin

As we say, attempts to launch specially designed tech gear for women rarely go well. The reason is that manufacturers tend to get a bit clouded with that of “intended for the female public” and fall into erroneous (and macho) beliefs that women in the industry are only interested in a gadget being pink or that it fits in a handbag Even if that means giving up important benefits.

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Garmin Women's Watch: Lily

Fortunately, over time that conception has changed and, although today we still have to continue to fight with many erroneous stereotypes attributed to women who are interested in technology, the balance (at least when creating products) has been balanced a lot plus. How? Well, not taking for granted that being a woman we are interested in less advanced features and in any case adapting certain equipment to the complexion and not so much to an outdated aesthetic.

Garmin Lily

This is how Lily is possibly born . This smartwatch created by women and intended for this audience offers many of the qualities that you could find in any watch today (with some important deficiencies, yes), only with a smaller design that seeks to fit on narrower wrists.

Its appearance is more of a conventional watch, with a fairly small round case whose diameter is 34.5 millimeters – to give you an idea, it is somewhat smaller than the Apple Watch SE in its 40 mm version – and the possibility of swap straps whenever you want.

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In terms of technical features , the watch is capable of counting steps, burning calories, monitoring sports practices, controlling sleep, monitoring stress levels, blood oxygen saturation and keeping track of the menstrual period and pregnancy.

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Problems it presents? Its screen, which is monochrome, and the lack of integrated GPS, in addition to not being able to use Garmin Pay. Three details that you will have to assess if you are interested in the watch.

Price and availability

Garmin Lily is already listed on the Garmin official website, where you can check the many versions and color combinations that exist. You can thus choose between the Classic or the Sport proposal, and depending on which it is, opt for the gold bezel with a black leather strap or orchid color bezel with a silicone strap -to name just two examples.

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Garmin Lily

Regarding its availability, the manufacturer points out that it will be for purchase this first quarter of 2021, at a cost of 199.99 euros for the Sport version models and 249.99 euros for the Classic.

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