iPhone SE 2016 Battery: Repair Price and How to Change it

iPhone SE 2016 Battery

The first generation iPhone SE, also known as iPhone SE 2016 for the year in which it was launched, is a device that can already be almost classified as vintage due to its long journey in the market. If you still own this phone, either as a primary, work or emergency device, you are probably interested in how you can solve the battery problems of the device.

Capacity and autonomy of the iPhone SE 1

Originally this device mounts a 1,624 mAh battery . However, we have to say that in the end this is not very relevant data in a way, since the fact that it is Apple itself that designs the hardware and software of the iPhone makes battery management better than it is. The first can be intuited by reading the capacity data. If we take into account that the battery was totally new, the device should reach the end of the day, although in a hurry and always having a normal use of it, since if it is intensive, it would be necessary to resort to the charger much earlier.

Batería iPhone SE 2016

However, it is very likely that the battery is not new and if we take into account its natural wear and tear and that the latest versions of iOS are no longer so designed for it, it would not be strange if in the middle of the day it had to be connected to the current . Therefore, it is at this point that we notice that there is already a perceptible warning to proceed to change it.

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Check your health in the settings

If you go to Settings> Battery> Battery health, you can find a percentage that indicates the level of deterioration of this, being 100% its best state. Batteries are ultimately a component that is naturally exposed to degradation with use, so it is within the provisions that it has worn out. Of course, if you notice that the percentage has suddenly dropped a few levels in a short time, it is probably that the battery has some defect. In any case, you will be able to see in this same section an information provided by Apple in which it is indicated if the level of deterioration is already sufficient to consider changing the battery.

Batería iPhone SE

Restore the device when in doubt

The calculation of the battery health of the iPhone SE 2016, like that of any other, is done through complex algorithms that are not always correct. After all, it is very difficult to determine exactly a parameter like this. If you want to reset this calculation in a certain way and make it appear as real as possible, you must yes or yes format the device. And the most complete way to do this is by connecting it to a computer via cable and using iTunes (or Finder in recent versions of macOS). After having proceeded to this, it is necessary not to load any backup copy and configure it as a new iPhone.

How much does Apple charge you for the replacement?

If you want to change the iPhone SE battery at Apple, either because of your suspicions or because the phone indicates it, you can do so by making an appointment in an Apple Store. The price is 55 euros and if you want it to be picked up at your home instead of physically going, you will have to pay 12.10 euros for shipping costs.

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Apple Store genius bar

Remote possibility that it will be free

If the device still has a warranty and Apple detects that the deterioration is due to a factory defect , it is very likely that the battery replacement will be completely free. The same happens if you have an AppleCare plan with the phone, since these types of repairs are covered.

Tips if you want to change the battery yourself

The iPhone battery is not removable, which makes the process of changing a battery very difficult due to having to open the phone, which is sealed with special screws. Therefore, if you do not perform well in manual tasks or you think you are not skilled enough to replace the battery yourself, we advise you not to do so. Also keep in mind that you will lose the warranty with Apple, if it still has. Now, if you are able to do so and want to replace it yourself, you must follow these steps (or watch the video that we leave at the end).

  • The first thing is to buy a compatible battery. Unfortunately it is impossible to find an original, although there are sellers who say it is, it is not true. You can find one that fits your budget and needs on Amazon, including tools to make the change.
  • Remove the two screws at the bottom of the iPhone with the appropriate tool.
  • Slightly lift the cover of the iPhone from its bottom and disconnect the cable that connects this part with the plate.
  • Try not to disconnect the top of the device, or break the cables that connect it to the plate, for which you can try to hold the iPhone at a 90-degree angle.
  • Unscrew the two screws on a protective plate to the right of the battery and remove this part.
  • Disconnect the bus that connects the battery to the board.
  • Now remove the upper right plate, unscrewing it previously.
  • Remove the battery connection bus from this part.
  • Carefully remove the tape covering the bottom of the battery.
  • Now carefully remove the old battery.
  • Put in the new battery and reconnect all the connection buses that had been disconnected in previous steps, including their respective plates and screws.
  • Screw the iPhone case back on.
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And in an unauthorized service?

As in the previous point, the iPhone SE warranty will be lost if it is still in force. Although it is always advisable to go to an authorized support, before even changing it yourself, these providers can have an advantage in offering cheaper repairs. Of course, do not expect original components in these cases either. The most advisable thing in any case is that when you request the budget you make sure that they offer you a subsequent guarantee in case the device has a fault.

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