4 Reasons to Download Programs from Their Official Website

When we start up a Windows computer from scratch, despite the pre-installed applications that we find in the operating system, we download more. This is the most common, and not only at the beginning, but with the passage of time we continue to install and uninstall programs that will be useful to us.

It is true that we always have the possibility to use UWP applications from the official Windows system store, the Microsoft Store . But in the vast majority of cases, users opt for the usual Win32 downloaded from the Internet. With this we download the corresponding executable file that we then run in Windows so that this program is part of our team. This, as we mentioned, is a most common task, as many of you surely know first-hand.

4 Reasons to Download Programs from Their Official Website

But in spite of everything, for all this we sometimes run more risks than we could initially imagine. The main reason for all this is that we do not pay enough attention to the sources from which we download those applications that we need. Therefore, if we opt for an unreliable one, we run certain risks that could endanger the system and the data stored in it. Of course, all this due to some type of malware that we have introduced into the PC without realizing it.

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Microsoft store

That is why below we will give you some reasons why, if possible, it is advisable to always download your applications from the website of its official developer instead of using third-party websites.

Downloads the latest version released

In the event that we choose the official website of the developer of the program that interests us, we make sure that we have the most recent version. And, how could it be otherwise, the creators of the project, once they have a new version, the first thing they do is make it available to everyone on their website . However, third-party pages may take a while to have it, so we download an outdated version.

You can get direct online help from the developers

In addition, when downloading a program, in case we have a problem or doubt, many of these developers offer online help on their websites . Sometimes we can even expose these doubts in real time, something that of course we will not get on other third-party websites that offer hundreds or thousands of programs.

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Avoid other unwanted programs attached to the executable

In addition, on certain occasions we can find that these websites that offer all kinds of software, attach other programs together with the one we download. That does not mean that it is necessarily malware, but it is software that we neither want nor need that could reach our system, imposed. Therefore, this is something that in most cases we are interested in avoiding.

They do not carry hidden malware

And what about the somewhat suspicious websites, which also attach malware to those programs that we download and that we are going to install. Moreover, there are those of the original program that only keep the name of the executable, since when we try to install it, we realize that all we are doing is starting a virus in Windows .

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