Is Xbox Interested in the Triggers of the PS5 DualSense Controller?

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We have currently talked about more than one event that the DualSense controller feels like a true generational leap compared to other qualities of the brand-new generation consoles. The adaptive triggers react truly well, and they represent a new method of engaging with the game that we have actually not seen before. And the concern of many users is, will we see this innovation on Xbox?

Microsoft glancing at Sony?

DualSense PS5

We have actually currently seen how Microsoft’s strategy in the new generation is to bet on very powerful hardware and a more restrained one supported by the incredible deal of Xbox Game Pass, however on PlayStation, if there is something that has brought in enough attention among users is their brand-new controller, the DualSense.

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The evolution of the DualShock provided a more futuristic style with brand-new adaptable triggers that offer resistance according to what takes place in the game, offering a really peculiar feedback that makes you feel a lot more within the game you are playing, particularly if it is a shooter.

Encuesta DualSense

Well, it seems that not even Microsoft has actually had the ability to prevent taking a look at the command, to such a level that it might be thinking of including some of its functions. That is at least what we can understand after seeing among the studies that the brand is sending to its users, where after some concerns such as if they more than happy with the brand-new generation console, if it is of excellent quality, or if they want to see the functions of the PlayStation controller on the Xbox console.

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The preferred command

DualSense PS5

That last question is fascinating to state the least, because Microsoft would be asking the user directly if they want to see a rival’s own function straight in an item with the company’s seal. It is something that without a doubt many will be wishing to see, so this question might end in something else with the passage of time.

The question now that we have is whether this survey is a basic survey that is carried out by an external company (something very possible) and that has absolutely nothing to do with the logistics and development plans that Microsoft has actually raised in its roadmap. Be that as it might, we’ll see if there are many favorable actions and if they reach the ears of crucial individuals at Microsoft, something that, it is also said, they probably already understand effectively by now.

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