How to Save Battery in MIUI 12: Tips and Tricks for Your Xiaomi

Since the MIUI update began to arrive in the middle of 2020 to the first Xiaomi phones, the battery drain problems have spread like foam. With the arrival of MIUI 12, complaints about the battery performance of updated phones and other derived problems such as overheating have multiplied.

Xiaomi has already claimed on occasion that the latest version of MIUI has optimization problems, which in different models results in a greater use of the battery . These autonomy problems are much more evident in some mobiles, with the Xiaomi Mi 9T, than in others, but almost none is spared.

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Generally the problem is in the high consumption of resources of the operating system and it is something that has been tried to solve with different patches but, if you still suffer headaches motivated by the battery of your Xiaomi, take a look at these tricks to save battery in MIUI 12.

How to improve the autonomy of your Xiaomi with MIUI 12

On our site we have given tips to improve the battery of your Xiaomi on different occasions both in MIUI 11, MIUI 10 or earlier versions of the operating system. Today we want to focus on MIUI 12 since it is the one that creates the most problems today.

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Before starting to follow any recommendation, do not forget to make a backup of your important data. Just in case.

Update your mobile

miui 12.5

As we have said, Xiaomi is fully aware of the problems generated by its latest version of software in many of its mobiles and therefore it is constantly releasing patches to alleviate this headache.

Most likely, Xiaomi has released an official solution before you find this article that will put an end to your problems.

Don’t use your Mi account

It may be striking but many users have realized that the MIUI 12 battery drain problem is related to the MI account. If you are using a Xiaomi account on your updated phone, stop using it as it is a process that runs in the background all the time and takes up mobile resources and battery.

The “magic” setup

Browsing different forums where users share their complaints, there are several that have detected a series of configurations that seem to double the autonomy of the mobile with MIUI 12.

  1. The first step is to charge the battery to 100%
  2. Access the privacy settings / special permissions / battery optimization and select everything that appears on the screen in the “optimize” state.
  3. Access the system cleaner and clean all the files.
  4. Lastly, restart the phone. Do not reset it, just restart it from the off button.
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Turn off ambient display

If your smartphone has an AMOLEd screen, among the MIUI 12 functions you will find the ambient screen that allows you to show the time and other information on the lock screen. At first the battery consumption of this tool should not be too high but you can try to deactivate it to improve the autonomy of the mobile.

To do this, access the settings app, select Always Active Screen and uncheck the Ambient screen function.

Reduce system animations

One of the great novelties of MIUI 12 is applied on the animations of the system, more elegant and attractive but, at the same time, that require more energy. Having them activated makes the battery drain faster so it is advisable to disable them.

animaciones miui 12

To do this, open the settings app again, enter Additional Settings, select the Accessibility options and locate the Remove animations option.

The dreaded background apps

Although this advice applies to all versions of MIUI, in MIUI 12 it will also help you save battery on your Xiaomi.

Many apps that you use daily do not close when you leave them, but they stay working while you do not realize it. To prevent this, you must adjust the battery saving from the security app of your mobile.

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Inside here locate the Battery and performance menu and enter the Battery Saver options for applications. Here you would have to select one by one the ones you want to stop running in the background by checking the option “restrict background activity”.

Pretty, but demanding superwallpapers

One of the great novelties of the latest version of the brand’s operating system are those dynamic SuperWallpapers compatible with a certain number of Xiaomi phones. Like all animated wallpapers that are installed on any mobile phone, they consume much more battery than a static wallpaper, so we encourage you to continue your life without them.

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Change them from the Settings app, wallpaper.

Take advantage of the new dark mode

Xiaomi’s dark mode is not exclusive to MIUI 12 but it is true that the latest layer of customization from the Chinese firm has improved its performance. Using it will save a few hours of battery life each day and you can program it to activate whenever you want, not just at night.

You can configure it from the mobile screen options, within the settings app.

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