How to Activate the Always on Display Screen in Vivo Mobiles

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The focus of many manufacturers is focused on the battery. In addition to the functions that each layer includes to save battery, there are those native to Android that can be more or less modified by each brand. One of the most interesting is Always On Dislay, or “Always-on screen” as it is called in live terminals. Let’s see how to activate this function and the customization options it offers.

We are facing one of the most ingenious ways to save battery in recent years, but one that many users still do not know. The vivo mobiles, which landed in Europe at the end of last year, also have this function. The main objective is for the user to significantly reduce the number of times they turn on the screen (with the consequent energy expenditure) for simple tasks such as checking the time or checking if they have any pending notifications. In this way, you have the necessary information always on the screen without having to activate the usual brightness and consume energy unnecessarily.

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How do I activate the Always-on Display?

This feature may be passed over for those users who don’t stop to peruse every menu or sub-menu. To activate the function we will have to go to the Settings of our mobile and enter the option “Lock screen and wallpapers”. Once inside we will see the option “Always on screen”, under the lock screen settings.

vivo pantalla siempre encendida

Configure to our liking

Once inside, the first thing we will have to do is activate the function switch at the top. By default, the system will show us the time, date and battery level in a simple way. However, we can make style adjustments just below. First we can change the color of the time, the drawing that accompanies the information and the style of the numbers. To do this we will have to click on the options: Color, Second and Number. Just below, we can also switch between the style of digital time, analog, or any of the futuristic designs that we have at our disposal.

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vivo pantalla siempre encendida 01

Always on or at certain times

Once the style is configured to our liking, we can choose whether the “Always-on screen” will always be displayed, or on the contrary we want to see it at certain times. By default, the system makes it start at 06: 00 and end at 00: 00 each day. If we press “Always show” the effect will be shown throughout the day . It should be borne in mind that this function compensates for the energy expenditure given by turning the screen on and off dozens of times a day, but this option also entails a small energy expenditure, so, to always prioritize autonomy, it is not necessary will show when the battery charge is less than 10%.

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