New Functions in Xiaomi Camera Thanks to MIUI 12.5

Before the MIUI 13 war drums begin to beat, Xiaomi has an arduous update process ahead of it with MIUI 12.5. This new version, based on Android 11, will reach a good handful of terminals, given the large portfolio offered by the Chinese brand. In addition to the novelties in terms of functionality offered by this new version, we now know some of the new functions that will be integrated into the camera , for mobiles that run MIUI 12.5

Software news can come in many ways. In this sense, we can find merely aesthetic changes, even others aimed at improving the quality of the photos and offering highly demanding functions. As we already know, Xiaomi takes into account the contributions of the community, and many of the suggestions from users end up in the final versions of MIUI. However, it has to go through the corresponding testing period beforehand, before being officially implanted in the layer.

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New functions in Xiaomi camera

The information comes from the MIUIes community, which have collected the news that can be found in the Xiaomi camera. These novelties are being able to be tested already, in the closed beta of MIUI 13.5 in China. This means that although they have many ballots to end up in the stable version, it could be the case that some are ultimately discarded. This largely depends on the success of these novelties, and that they work correctly in the selected models.

The news and new functions are the following:

New grids

New framing grids are added for photos: one for the Law of Thirds, and two for the Fibonacci Spiral. In addition, you can now add a central mark that allows better control of proportions and improve the frame.

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miui 12.5 cuadricula

Improvements when recording videos

Similarly, when it comes to recording videos, three important improvements have been added to MIUI 12.5

  • Automatic screen shutdown while recording video, after 3 minutes of inactivity, in order to save power.
  • The short video function now supports recording longer than 15 seconds, with options of 15S, 30S, 60S and 90S.
  • It is allowed to modify the parameters to record in Time Lapse.

miui 12.5 grabacion

New effects in VLOG mode

New effects are also added in VLGO mode , called Cool, AgedFilms and Moments. Also, the Frame effect has been updated. Remember that this function allows you to create small clips with a simple assembly, thanks to several predefined templates by Xiaomi.

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