5 Reasons to Use Google Slides Instead of PowerPoint

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The office automation sector has not stopped growing in our computers for decades. In fact, this knowledge has spread over time to our mobile devices, where it also now plays a very important role. Here we find applications such as text editors, spreadsheets, multimedia presentation applications, etc.

There are many different proposals that we can use in this same sense, with programs and suites such as Microsoft Office , Google Docs, LibreOffice , etc. These may be the most popular, but there are many other software developers who also have their own projects that we can use if we need them. To all this we can add that we find solutions of this type both free and paid, not to mention PDF and other related file formats.

5 Reasons to Use Google Slides Instead of PowerPoint

But in this case we want to focus on a program that has not stopped growing since it first saw the light. Specifically, we refer to the Google Presentations application from the search giant. As you can imagine, this is a program that competes directly with Microsoft’s popular PowerPoint , among others. In fact, it presents us with some interesting advantages so that we choose to use this program instead of the Redmond proposal.

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Google Presentations is free

How could it be otherwise, to begin with we will tell you that Google’s office suite, which includes Presentations , is completely free. And of course, as many of you already know, Microsoft Office is paid, either by acquiring a license, or in its subscription mode with Office 365. Therefore this is a section to take into account.

It’s completely online

It is also important to know that Google Slides is a program that does not require any installation. In fact, it works entirely in the cloud, so we can access the program from a browser and any computer with an Internet connection. This is something that gives us many advantages, since we are not limited to using the program on a single PC. For this we only need to have a free Google account .

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We can use special plugins

To all this we can add the fact that, if we are not satisfied with what the program offers us by default, we can use accessories. These offer us certain somewhat more specific uses of the program, also free . In order to take advantage of all this we can go to the menu option Add-ons / Download add-ons.

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It has a simpler and more intuitive interface

Many argue that the number of features here is much less than what PowerPoint offers. It is true, but we must also bear in mind that most of these we never use. Therefore, what many other users want is to be able to have a program of this type that offers everything necessary to create presentations , but without so many complications. Precisely for this reason, the Google application becomes an excellent proposal.

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Interfaz presentaciones

It is optimized for group work

In addition and thanks to its online nature, this is a program that allows us to work in a more than effective way, in work groups . Thus, whether in somewhat more corporate, personal or education-related environments, this is also a point very much in favor of Google Presentations.

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