Cyberpunk 2077 has a Security Problem When Using Mods on PC

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You might say that Cyberpunk 2077 does not stop growing overshadows. In spite of the current and essential patch released by CD Projekt Red, the main support for mods is not working as it needs to and the business itself recommends that for the minute it would be better not to use them.

Avoid Cyberpunk 2077 mods

Cyberpunk 2077

In addition to resolving some significant and extremely bothersome Cyberpunk 2077 problems, one of the draws of the most recent spot was the official assistance for mods. Thanks to this function, users might load those packs developed by the user community that permit the original title to be altered to a higher or lesser level. For example, you might utilize brand-new textures or other components that customize whatever related to the visual area.

Nevertheless, the pleasure did not last long and CD Projekt Red itself published a message for its PC users where they alerted that for security reasons it would be convenient not to use these mods and personalizations for the minute. Because this security issue in.DLL files might allow an opponent to execute code within the PC itself without authorization from the user.

Undoubtedly, not being able to use mods is a nuisance for numerous users Since these customizations have been and continue to be a really fascinating method to extend the life and interest in a title by allowing specific licenses to the community that produces them. If now they can not be used for security reasons, it is likely that those who decided to continue betting on the video game despite their problems will find a new barrier that ends up requiring them to stop playing.

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And it is rational if this winds up taking place, since the title appears to have actually gone from bad to even worse because its launch. Since within days of launching this first big spot there was likewise a major problem that “broke” the title. It was solved more quickly, however the sensation of not understanding what will take place never despairs.

February: crucial month for Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 parche 1 1 2021

Seeing how the panorama around Cyberpunk 2077 is, it is clear that the month of February could be crucial to much of the future of the game. It will be throughout these next few weeks a brand-new spot that is expected to be bigger and more crucial than spot 1.1 already launched.

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If CD Projekt Red manages to be successful in this brand-new opportunity it will have, the title may take off a bit and attain the results that it really deserved. If not, then it is clear that lots of gamers will end up offering up and going to something else. Because there are numerous choices and some equally interesting or more for depending on what kind of user. Continuing to be identified to play a title that does not complete settling and where repairing something can indicate breaking something else does not make much sense.

However, we are going to give it another chance. While you remain with the idea that if you are one of those who usually download and install each mod that appears intriguing, much better not do it. And if for any reason you choose that it is, try to do it exclusively and specifically from trustworthy sources.

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