This Xiaomi Keyboard is Mechanical, Customizable and in the Eighties Style

Xiaomi Keyboard is Mechanical, Customizable

The truth is that the Beijing-based firm never ceases to amaze us with its new launches. The manufacturer expands its catalog every day, and now it has actually just provided a Xiaomi keyboard that will delight fans of retro design.

Under the name of IQUNIX A80, we are dealing with a model that has been born as an outcome of the partnership in between Xiaomi and IQUNIX, a producer specialized in different-looking mechanical keyboards. And the result is a design that will delight enthusiasts of retro, by offering a really characteristic style, along with functions that will satisfy the requirements of any user.

Gorgeous on the outdoors, powerful on the inside

Publicidad del teclado Xiaomi IQUNIX A80

To start with, the manufacturer wanted its brand-new Xiaomi keyboard to be as compact as possible. And the result has been just ideal. In this method, the IQUNIX A80 has measurements of just 321 x 159 x 52 mm to offer a compact product that you can utilize wherever you want.

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To this must be included a design that exudes quality from each of its pores. With a visual that will transfer you to the 80 s so you can enjoy a really characteristic style, it conceals a system made up of 83 Cherry MX keys so you can take pleasure in a great user experience. There is likewise a version of this Xiaomi IQUNIX A80 mechanical keyboard that has Cherry RGB keys, so you can give your desktop a various touch. Do you wish to utilize this keyboard to work? That you understand that it has an ergonomic style so that the wrists rest on the base, preventing damage after prolonged usage.

Personalize it to your taste

teclado Xiaomi IQUNIX A80 de lado

On the other hand, it must be kept in mind that this design has an interchangeable PCB design so that you can develop an unique style, through the different secrets offered. Taking into account that, with total security, this Xiaomi keyboard will be available in Chinese, it is a worth to consider to be able to alter the configuration.

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In regards to connection, this IQUNIX A80 has 3 ways of working: by cordless connection, bluetooth or using the cable that features the item. And beware, it is compatible with Windows, in addition to with macOS, iOS, Android and iPadOS.

We can not forget the autonomy of this effective mechanical keyboard, another of its fantastic strengths. And, this IQUNIX A80 has a 4000 mAh battery that guarantees 200 days of use connected by bluetooth and working with it an average of 5 hours a day. Simply put, an extremely complete keyboard that will more than meet the expectations of any user trying to find a peripheral of this type with a compact size and really various appearance.

Regarding the rate and launch date, to say that the IQUNIX A80 can already be reserved through Xiaomi’s crowdfunding page at a cost of 739 yuan, about 95 euros, for the design with CHERRY MX secrets and 826 yuan, about 107 euros to change, for the more vitaminized design and with RGB lights.

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