Analysis and Results in Performance Tests with the Vivo Y70

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The average range of Android terminals is increasingly populated, and one of the new members of it is the Vivo Y70 . We have tested the capacity it offers when using it with different applications and we show the results we have obtained in normal use.

The Vivo Y70 phone has full hardware, which means that we have not found major flaws in all the components that exist inside the device. An example is that the processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 , which has eight cores, the most powerful of all four being Kryo 260 Gold type that works at a maximum frequency of 2 GHz. By the way, the GPU is an Adreno 610 , so its ability with three-dimensional images is adequate on paper.

Vivo Y70

If you wonder about the memory that exists in the terminal, the truth is that the choice is very successful. Thus, the RAM is 8 GB so in principle it is more than enough for Android 10 to cope with ease. As for the storage, the chosen one is 128 gigs, a capacity more than enough so that you do not have space problems quickly, but this can be solved with the use of memory cards, since this model offers a slot for it.

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How the Vivo Y70 behaves

In general, the behavior of the smartphone is good , and everything is going as it should in principle. But, the truth is that on some occasions we have detected some lag when installing applications in APK form or when starting developments that are very heavy when it comes to RAM consumption. It is not something especially serious, but it is true that we expected a little more ease in some moments. Of course, it is not critical and, for example, when browsing the Internet, the hardware proves sufficient to be able to handle everything.

When running editing apps, the feelings are really good once they are already running, so it does not disappoint . Perhaps there is a bit more slowness in the internal memory, but in principle this is not a handicap when it comes to combining with the processor. We leave below the results that we have obtained with several of the performance tests that we use regularly:

It must be said that this Vivo Y70 does not lack an optical fingerprint reader that works quite well, since its speed is adequate and reliability is high (better than expected, since even with wet hands the work is Excellent). By using WiFi networks we have not obtained communication or coverage problems, and it offers everything that may be needed to enjoy YouTube or online games without problems. Also seamlessly Bluetooth, as headphones and cars sync seamlessly.

How is this smartphone going with games?

Well, the truth is that it is quite good, considering that it is not a gaming or high-end model. The fact is that simple titles, like Clash Royale, go like silk. And, when more complex options are executed, it must be said that the behavior is better than expected. An example is that Asphalt works perfectly and never goes below 35 FPS, so it has an excellent feeling (with PUBG it suffers, of course, but somewhat less than you would expect)

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We also leave examples of synthetic tests where the behavior of the Vivo Y70 with games is concretely tested:

The fact is that in general, the behavior offered by this terminal with the applications and the operating system (which is customized with Funtouch 11, which is somewhat heavy in what has to do with resources), is quite correct, and is a It is a good option to buy this model that the truth is that for the day to day it goes wonderfully and that it is not even a bad option to enjoy all the playful content you want. A good possibility in the Android mid-range.

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