AptX HD Technology on Mobiles: How This Sound Enhancement Works

In recent years, any small advantage is reason for a brand to brag about its rivals. In the presentations, we continually see how benefits are compared to breastfeed. The sound is usually somewhat less taken into account by the user compared to other elements such as the cameras, the screen or the battery. However, in recent times we are finding great improvements in this regard.

Integrating cutting-edge sound technologies can be as exclusive as many others. The most powerful smartphones on the market boast dual speakers, better quality and power than ever, and compatibility with all kinds of sound technologies. One of them is known as aptX HD , which we find in a good handful of smartphones and sound devices, although the list grows every day. So let’s see what it consists of and how it helps to improve the sound.

Improving the sound via Bluetooth

Although we are facing a more modern variant, everything is part of Qualcomm’s aptX technology . This standard compresses and then decompresses audio as it travels from a source device, such as a smartphone, to a receiving device, such as a wireless speaker. In this way, it can be transmitted via Bluetooth without damaging the quality, allowing you to get more out of the audio.

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qualcomm aptx hd

Although on our terminals it sounds more modern, aptX technology has been improving the audio of multiple platforms for years. The original standard allows music to be transmitted in 16-bit, that is, a quality close to CDs, helping to maintain low latency when transmitting wirelessly over Bluetooth. However, the improvement came with aptx HD, born in 2016 and which improves the sound by supporting high definition audio up to 24 bits / 48 kHz . It also improves signal reception, reducing noise and increasing perfectible details of sounds in songs.

escuchar música móvil

Compatible phones, a growing list

Although at first compatible smartphones were counted on the fingers of one hand, more and more manufacturers have joined to integrate aptx HD in their devices. Among them we find terminals from Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Google, OnePlus or Xiaomi . The official aptx page allows you to consult the list of compatible devices . However, it may not be entirely up to date, given the current frenetic release rate.

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Your activation

However, a search in the application drawer of the settings menu of our mobile, can get us out of doubts about whether or not our terminal is compatible. When activating it, in most compatible terminals, we will have to dive into the developer options, being able to select aptx HD as one of the compatible audio codecs .

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