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Super Mario Games

Known as Super Mario or simply Mario, this is one of the most beloved video game characters in the industry for decades. The popular Italian plumber has titles on a multitude of platforms and, of course, in the App Store it could not be less. The franchise owned by Nintendo has interesting games compatible with iPhone and iPad, which we will review in this article, in addition to showing you which are the most interesting imitations of these games that we can also find.

Super Mario Run, one of the most downloaded games

The launch of this video game in 2017 was a revolution in the App Store and since then it has not fallen from the ranking of the most downloaded games on this platform. It recovers the essence of the classic Mario Bros arcade in terms of scenarios, objectives and enemies to beat, but with a different touch adapted to the way of playing on iPhone and iPad, since there are not very precise controls other than jumping by pressing on the screen. It seems simple, but it is highly addictive having to endure the pace of a Mario faster than ever and that you will not be able to mislead for a second if you do not want to lose the game.

Super Mario Run

Mario Kart Tour, ideal to play with friends

If the previous one was a success in downloads, this other one does not fall short because it is also one of the most played on iPhone and iPad. We suppose that if you are a Mario fan you will already know perfectly well what it is about, but if not, we will tell you. This title brings to mobile platforms the classic Nintendo DS game in which both Mario himself and other characters in the franchise get fully involved in a kart competition with which they will travel all kinds of circuits. Of course, they are not normal and ordinary tracks, but they are full of traps for which the surprise boxes that you will find along the way will serve you and with which you can even hinder your opponents. One of the main attractions of this Mario Kart Tour is the possibility of playing with your friends in real time.

Dr. Mario World with all the Game Boy nostalgia

The classic Nintendo portable console left us one of the most different and nostalgic Mario titles. The App Store also recently recovered it and although its popularity was not as impressive as that of the previous ones, but those who remember this game the most rushed to download it. Its theme is very similar to that of the also classic tetris, having to join different colored pieces or similar shapes to destroy them and complete the different levels it offers. As in any puzzle game of this style, the difficulty is increasing and it is not always easy to beat “the machine”.

BONUS: Lego Super Mario

LEGO Super Mario

This is not a game as such, but rather an extension between the app and the Mario-centric Lego game. Thanks to augmented reality you can build your sets and add them in a tremendously simple way. It really does not have a mechanic in question, since in the end it is still a classic construction game, but it is very attractive for the little ones in the house, but also for the older ones. Being able to enjoy the beloved Mario in his Lego version is always amazing.

Best Super Mario Imitations on the App Store

Unfortunately those shown above are the only official Super Mario games created by Nintendo, however there are other titles for iPhone and iPad that recover much of the essence of the classics. Some of them may look like cheeky copies, even if they don’t have the same name and there are different details, but they are also tremendously addictive. Unfortunately not all of them have graphics and functionalities as powerful as those shown above, but if you are a fan of the saga you will like to try them at least. Below we show you which are in our opinion the most interesting.

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Lep’s World (1, 2 and 3)

In this case we find a version of Mario Run, but much closer to the classic version of the video game in which you can have many more movement controls. The scenarios are very reminiscent of the original games, you also have the possibility of collecting coins and you can even eat mushrooms with which to make yourself bigger and better resist the blows of the enemies.

New Super Adventure

New Super Adventure

This is one of the games in which at first we can be completely confused with one of the official games, since both the appearance and clothing of the main character are powerfully reminiscent of Super Mario. Also in mechanics we find similarities, with the same classic style of platforms in which there is even an appearance of the famous green tubes, which you already know can contain a secret room or a fearsome carnivorous plant.

New Super Adventure
Developer: cong trinh van

Super Miner Run Adventure

Super Miner Run Adventure

Perhaps the main downside of this title is that it is in English, but, honestly, we ask ourselves: is it necessary to translate something so well known? We believe not, since in the end the mechanics of this game are still the same as the previous two, with a protagonist who imitates the adventures of Super Mario in a hilarious platform game in which you must go through all the castles of the world. evil enemy in order to free your beloved. The graphics again aren’t the best, but that won’t make the entertainment non-existent.

Super Miner Run Adventure
Developer: Tran Thi Giang

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