The Best Alternatives to Twitter for iPhone and iPad

Twitter is one of the most famous social networks in the world, if not the most famous, that is why there are many developers who invest their efforts in making applications where you can use Twitter but in a different way than how you can do it in the application native. Therefore, today we bring you a compilation of 10 Twitter clients that you can use on both your iPhone and your iPad.

Best Alternatives to Twitter for iPhone and iPad

In the variety is the spice

As I was saying, Twitter is one of the most famous social networks in the world and also one of the applications that, surely, many more users use in their day-to-day lives. Therefore, the time may come when you get tired of being day after day entering and leaving the same application and in the end, your eyes and your body ask you for a change of scenery, so we think it is interesting that you can know the different applications that you can find in the App Store to use Twitter, that is, the different Twitter clients, so that, once you have tried some, you can keep the application that you like the most and, perhaps why not, vary it from one to another when you get tired of always seeing the same thing.

Twitter clients available on the App Store

Tweebot 6 for Twitter


Without a doubt we started strong, very strong, since Tweetbot is, almost certainly, the most famous Twitter client that most people use on both the iPhone and the Mac, but beware, it is not only the most famous, possibly also be the best.

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This client is based on the Twitter API V2 and includes features such as the ability to view polls, cards, and more tweet data. It has a perfect performance, without ads, providing an experience different from what you can find in the official Twitter app. Of course, it has a chronological timeline, but in addition, you can use timeline filters, silence certain words or topics and you can even put notes in the different profiles so that you do not forget the reason why you started to follow to that person. In short, Tweetbot has really interesting functions that enhance the use of this social network.

Twitterrific: Tweet Your Way


It is a very elegant Twitter client, easy to understand and that provides a really pleasant user experience. With this application you will be able to navigate through twitter getting rid of the happy promoted tweets, you will also be able to easily search for the GIF you need at that moment, as well as being able to hide topics or words that you do not want to read on your timeline. In addition, this app has VoiceOver compatibility, so it is very valuable for all those users who need a fully accessible Twitter client.

Echofon for Twitter


According to its developers, Echofon is the fastest and most powerful application for iPhone and iPad to use Twitter. Besides being very easy to use, it has a very attractive and clean interface, it also has many characteristics that will delight users who want a different experience when using a Twitter application.



This Twitter client has a state-of-the-art schedule where you will have all the possible options at your fingertips, being really easy to write a tweet or view notifications. It even has custom features.

Birdie fot Twitter

Birdie for Twitter

Birdie is a Twitter client that, unlike Twitter, on your timeline will show you first those Tweets that it considers most important and relevant to you, ensuring that you will never miss anything worth reading. In addition, Birdie for Twitter takes care of not showing you the responses to a tweet that have been made by bots and even has a “Favorites” section where you can focus only on the Tweets of those you want.

Fenix for Twitter


Fenix promises to give you a fresh and modern Twitter experience. Its application does not contain ads so you can browse your timeline without distractions and in chronological order, without worrying about that intrusive promoted content. Of course, you will have the opportunity to mute users, hashtags or keywords.

Albatross For Twitter


This application wants to make a simile of your experience using your app with the slide that an Albatross performs over the ocean. It is a client that makes things easier for you so that you do not have to make any effort if you want to spend some time reading tweets, in addition, without ads. It has an improved design, fluid animations and all the functions you need to get the most out of this social network.



This Twitter client for iPhone and iPad has a large number of functions, including lists, geolocation, synchronization of your timeline with the Mac or iPad. It is fully customizable and friendly. You can also tweet asking Siri and it also has support to view your timeline on the Apple Watch.

Developer: DW: design

Twidget – Widget for Twitter


In this case, we want to talk about a totally different Twitter client from the previous ones, since it is a Widget for Twitter in which you can see the latest Tweets that make up your timeline from the main screen of your iPhone if you need to get inside of the application. In case you want to enter, this app will redirect you directly to the official Twitter app.



This is a nice Twitter client built with macOS design guidelines. It is very simple, which makes the learning curve to use this application minimal, but be careful, that does not mean that it does not have the necessary power to offer a magnificent user experience. Like other clients, with Aviary you can also mute promoted ads or tweets and use filters to avoid reading about topics that do not interest you.

Developer: Shihab Mehboob
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