How You Can Factory Reset a Realme Mobile

You never ever understand when we may require a total reset of our phone. There are numerous celebrations when there is no other option than to factory reset our phone. And if yours is a Realme, we will tell you how simple it is to be able to do it safely. A method to nip some issues on your phone in the bud.

Definitely you have seen numerous tutorials in which they try to clarify an issue, and in which sometimes the last option service is to reset the factory phone. If this is your case, we will inform you how simple it is to do it in your terminal.

Why factory reset?

As we state, it is a last resort action, so we must attempt to avoid by all ways reaching this point. Sometimes there is no other solution, due to the fact that by doing one of these resets we can recuperate the phone as it was put on sale. In this method the phone erases all your information, including all our files, files, photos and videos. When we select to reset, the phone will recover the original info from its primary partition, and it will only leave the operating system on the latest version that was installed.

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vídeo fotos realme

For That Reason, it is the best method to guarantee the end of any issue that has its origin in the software application. Although it is the last resort, it is the most reliable. And it is no longer as terrible as in the past, having the ability to make a backup copy of all the data in the cloud, and recover the original system setup thanks to the Google account.

How is your Realme reset?

It is quite simple to do it, and likewise Realme UI facilitates us the method to save all our information so as not to lose it during the process. For this we must do the following:

  • Gain access to the settings of your Realme
  • Click on “additional settings”
  • Select “Backup and reset”
  • If you wish to erase whatever, click the last option, “Go back to factory state (delete all)”.

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In this last alternative we can pick to erase all applications and information, only information, contacts, call history, along with SMS and MMS. In this section we first have the button with which we can begin to reset the phone. However initially we must activate the functions that we have at the bottom. Since we have a sliding button with which to backup the information, along with the Google account.

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It is best to make sure prior to that all this data has actually been copied. We also have the alternative to activate the automatic reset, which can automatically restore the information and settings from the backup when you reinstall the applications. So ensure that backup exists.

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