Apple TV +: Its 2020 Market Share Revealed

Apple TV +: Its 2020 Market

Despite the fact that the content of Apple TV + has been growing in the last two years since its launch, the truth is that it continues to be a secondary platform for many users. Despite the fact that its catalog has only exclusive titles and they have an undeniable quality seal, it seems that it is not helping it to reach a relevant market share. This is at least shown by the latest data regarding the market share of streaming platforms during the last quarter of 2020, as shared by JustWatch after having carried out a study.

Apple TV + reaches only 3% of the market

According to the aforementioned study, the online television service of the apple brand reached only 3% of the market share. It is certainly not very comparable to other markets, since platforms of this type can be complementary and the same user can be of several of them. In any case, the data on Apple TV + seems very poor. It must also be said that the data are only relative to the United States , the place where the study was carried out. Precisely this fact makes the platform’s low impact in a country where the brand is born and where its products tend to rise to the top of the sales rankings is more remarkable. It seems that with the services it is not being this way.

  1. Netflix – 31%
  2. Amazon Prime Video – 22%
  3. Hulu – 14%
  4. Disney + – 13%
  5. HBO Max – 9%
  6. Peacock – 6%
  7. Apple TV + – 3%
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Does Apple have a problem with your platform?

Obviously Netflix is the rival to beat on all platforms, although its extensive catalog, its good reputation and the years it has been online are very important factors that play in its favor. However, we can see how Apple TV + has been surpassed by other platforms such as Disney +, HBO Max or Peackock that were put on the market some time later.

Tim Cook already stated a couple of years ago that it was not his intention to compete with Netflix. In a way, the company seeks that this type of services, such as Apple Arcade, end up being in the end one more complement of its complete ecosystem. Hence also the new Apple One plans recently launched.

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In any case, it is evident that the company will not be completely satisfied and in fact we can observe a strategy that is less curious with the promotions of its service. The first users of Apple TV + were awarded months ago with an extension of their free trial until this month of January and just a few weeks ago it was confirmed that it could go until June. Will they have to see these figures?

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Although its price of 4.99 (dollars and euros) is one of the lowest, it seems that the main handicap of Apple TV + continues to be the scarce content compared to its rivals. Most competitors have third-party content, but this is only made up of exclusive, self-produced material, so that also slows down growth. Neither its interface was very helpful, mixed with movie rental content, although it must be said that in recent months both sections have become more different.

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