Files, a New Modern UWP File Browser for Windows

Windows File Explorer is one of the elements that is becoming more obsolete in the operating system. While everything else is evolving (like the Settings menu), Microsoft has forgotten a bit about its browser, despite being one of the essential tools on a day-to-day basis. We’ve been hearing about a new modern file explorer for a long time, although it never ends. Therefore, there are developers who have chosen to create their own with which to offer Windows users a renewed experience. And one of the latest, and best, is Files .

Files is a new, completely free and open source file explorer designed to bring the explorer it deserves to Windows 10. Although Microsoft could debut its new file explorer with the launch of Sun Valley (21H2), Files, from what we have been able to see, beats it in everything. And it’s only just getting started, as version 1.0 has just seen the light of day and, given its popularity, and its OpenSource nature, development is likely to skyrocket very soon.

Files UWP File Browser for Windows

Files Features

The first thing to highlight about this file explorer is that, unlike others, such as Explorer ++, it is programmed as a universal application, UWP . Therefore, its download and updates are made directly from the Microsoft Store. In addition, it has the typical characteristics of this type of application, such as the typical acrylic panels of Fluent Design .

Another feature that draws our attention to this program is its tabs. This is one of the features most requested by Windows users: the ability to open several windows at the same time in “tabs”, such as the browser. Files brings us this possibility, greatly improving the way of working with several directories at the same time.

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Files UWP - 3

In its interface we can find the main personal folders, as well as our disks and storage units and recent files. In the left column we can also find a series of shortcuts to have the most used directories at hand.

Among its advanced functions we can highlight, for example, an advanced file browser . This will allow us to find all kinds of files on our PC, even files that are not indexed or that are inside hidden or system folders.

Finally, indicate that it has a large number of configuration and customization options to be able to adapt the program to our needs. Within these configuration options we will find, among other sections, one that will allow us to enable experimental functions of the program, as well as another panel from which we can configure multitasking and one of the most interesting options (next to the tabs): double panel.

Files UWP - 4

We can even discover all kinds of features as we use the program. For example, we can see that, when deleting a file, we can choose if we want to send it to the trash or delete it completely from the PC from its confirmation window.

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Download Files

The new Files explorer looks completely like an official Windows file explorer . Of course, it improves the current explorer in every way, it has nothing to envy. Normally, these types of programs are usually paid, or have a “free” version, limited and with ads, and encourage us to buy the paid version. But this time, Files is a completely free program, and its development is open.

We can download the latest version directly from the Microsoft Store , and access its development from GitHub .

Developer: Yair A

Its developer calls on the community to create, among all, the best file explorer for Windows.

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