5 Features to Design Better PowerPoint Presentations

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When we refer to the different office solutions that we can use today, there are several alternatives that we find. In fact, if we focus on the productivity suite, undoubtedly the most popular and used worldwide is Microsoft Office.

It is made up of a series of independent programs, among which we can highlight Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Keep in mind that there are many users around the globe who spend a good amount of hours sitting in front of their computer working with one of these applications. As you know, Word focuses on working with text documents, Excel does it with spreadsheets and PowerPoint with multimedia presentations. In this way, depending on the type of work we need, we opt for one of these programs.

5 Features to Design Better PowerPoint

That said, it is worth mentioning that in these lines we are going to focus on one of the well-known, PowerPoint, a program to create slide-based presentations. This is a program that has been around for a good number of years and serves us in all kinds of settings. Here we refer to those related to education, through personal leisure, or for more professional jobs. As we mentioned, this is a solution that focuses on the creation of multimedia presentations . How could it be otherwise, they are fully customizable and adaptable for the use that we are going to give them.

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But of course, if we consider that one of the objectives of these is to attract attention, PowerPoint helps us in this. In fact we are going to show you a series of functions of the program with which you will achieve spectacular presentations.


As you know, these presentations that we are talking about are usually made up of as many slides as we want. These are happening as they are shown to the public. But to make this step much more professional, we can make use of some of the many transitions that the program presents us. These can be found in the Transitions menu of the main interface of the same to choose the one that interests us in each slide.

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transiciones powerpoint


Similarly, in this application we have the opportunity to add all kinds of objects and elements that complement the presentation as such. However, to give these a more striking appearance, we can use PowerPoint animations . Thus, they can charge a personalized movement, which always attracts a lot of attention. This is something that we find in the Animations menu of the program.


If we are going to focus on the texts, it is not necessary that they have the usual format that, for example, we use in Word documents. And here we can use the function called WordArt that probably sounds familiar to many of you. So we can use a series of totally personalized and striking texts in our presentations . We can even give them a three-dimensional look so that they are an active part of the slides.

wordart powerpoint


Although they seem somewhat advanced content, videos can also be part of our PowerPoint presentations. This is how we get some of the included slides to attach their own clip with which we are sure to capture the attention of the majority. For this we just have to go to the Insert / Videos menu.

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Audios in PowerPoint

And as in the previous case, we can also use audio fragments that will animate any multimedia presentation that we are designing. This is an element that we can also use from the Insert menu and it can be both a file that we already have, and a recording that we make at that moment.

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