YouTube Joins the PWA – It is Now Possible to Install it in Windows 10

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YouTube is one of the most used platforms on a daily basis by users. Millions of users access this social network to see all kinds of videos and upload their videos to it. On mobile phones, YouTube has its own official client, an app adapted to be used from touch screens from which we can access this entire platform and watch the videos without difficulty. However, on the PC this is not possible. Windows users have been looking for an application that allows them to use YouTube from the computer like any other program for a long time, without success. Until now.

YouTube already has a client for Windows 10 … more or less

Recently, Google has been updating the YouTube website to allow the creation of a PWA on both Chrome OS and Windows. PWAs, we remember, are a type of progressive web applications . Broadly speaking, they seem like a direct access to a website, but when we enter them we find an isolated page within a window, which can also be managed like any other Windows program.

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YouTube Joins the PWA

Google has bothered to create a progressive web application with all the options and qualities that we can find in other different progressive applications. We are going to have a very small and fast app, in the form of a direct access, that we can place where we want in our operating system. In addition, we will even be able to watch videos offline thanks to the cache that the program saves, something useful if we are one of those who go on the plane or on the train using this platform.

We can install PWA in Windows 10 both from Google Chrome and from Microsoft Edge.

Install YouTube PWA on Windows 10

Google is enabling this new feature of its recial network of videos little by little to all users. If the possibility still does not appear, we will have to wait a little longer until it is available. If we already have it, what we will see when entering the YouTube website will be an icon, shaped like a “+”, to the right of this bar.

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By clicking on this icon, we can see a window like the following one that will ask us if we want to install the YouTube application on our computer.

Instalar PWA YouTube Windows 10

Now we can see on the desktop a direct access to this PWA. We can place this direct access wherever we want. For example, we can anchor it to the taskbar, and even add it to the Windows 10 start menu. The important thing is that we have it on hand to open YouTube whenever we want. By clicking on it we can see how the streaming video platform opens in its own isolated window, and we can use it the same way we would use it from the browser.

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Uninstall the PWA

When we get tired of this web application we can uninstall it very easily. The PWAs are registered in Windows as one more program, therefore, we can go to the list of Windows applications and uninstall it from there.

We can also delete it from the PWA application itself , since in the options menu we will find the possibility of uninstalling YouTube from Windows.

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