MX Linux: New Distro to Install on the Raspberry Pi

Today we can find a large number of Linux distributions (and not so Linux) to install and use on the Raspberry Pi . And is that this micro-computer has gained great popularity in all areas, both personal and professional. More and more developers are betting on giving this operating system a chance and allowing users to get the most out of it with their distributions. And the last to bring us the support for it has been, neither more nor less, than the popular MX Linux .

MX Linux is a distribution, based on Debian , that has been around for a long time among users. Among its main characteristics we must highlight that it is a very careful and optimized system in every way, seeking a perfect balance between usability and elegance. This operating system also brings a series of common applications (VLC, Firefox, LibreOffice) so that users can start working with it from the first moment. It even has its own tools designed to help us manage and administer all of Linux.

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MX Linux: New Distro

Originally, this distro was only available for 32-bit and 64-bit computers. However, its developers have decided to go further. And for a few hours we can test a first preliminary version of MX Linux on the Raspberry Pi.

MX Linux “Ragout” – New distro for the Raspberry Pi

Although it is still in beta , from now on we can download and install the new MX Linux on any Raspberry Pi micro-computer. This new distro is available for Raspberry Pi 3, 4 and 400 . Due to power problems, it is not possible to install this micro-computer in other older models.

What MX Linux offers us on the Raspberry Pi is a very light and customizable Fluxbox desktop, as well as a series of programs installed by default so as not to have to waste time downloading or installing other programs:

  • Firefox ESR
  • Claws Mail
  • VLC
  • Thunar
  • FeatherPad
  • Geany
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And we will also find the typical MX applications (Conky, MX Updates and other MX Tools) to be able to configure and manage this system.

MX Linux Raspberry Pi

This distro brings GPIO ports enabled by default to be able to program using Scratch or Python without problems. And it also enables the webcam function, in case you have this accessory, or hat, connected to the micro-pc.

Download and install

As we have already said, we remember that this distro is still in beta . Its developers encourage users to test it, and report problems, before offering a stable version of this Linux for the Raspberry Pi.

We can download the latest beta for free from the following link . This system is distributed in IMG format, and we will need a special program, such as Raspberry Pi Imager , to record said image to the micro-sd and be able to start the Raspberry Pi with it. The new MX Linux for the Raspberry Pi works from both a micro-SD and a USB stick.

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The default username is “pi”, while the distro’s default password is “raspberry”. Of course, we recommend changing it as soon as you start the system to avoid security problems.

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