Xiaomi Lamp with a Speaker: Control It with Your Mobile

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The Asian manufacturer is one of the great references when it comes to buying a quality smart lamp. The firm has a catalog of height to which a new member now joins. And this new Xiaomi lamp hides a few surprises.

Under the name of MiDian Zero Blue Music Ambient Light , we find a model that stands out for hiding a small bluetooth speaker with which to enjoy your favorite songs. As usual in this type of product, Xiaomi has used its collective financing platform to launch this hybrid between smart lamp and bluetooth speaker to the market.

Xiaomi Lamp with a Speaker

You may be wondering how the firm can offer such a varied catalog. And in this case, Xiaomi has collaborated with the company MiDian, an expert in lighting solutions, to launch this MiDian Zero Blue Music Ambient Light on the market. And the result, as you will see later, is impressive.

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A complete product that is being a real success on Youpin. More, when you know the low price that this hybrid between Xiaomi lamp and bluetooth speaker will have.

A perfect lamp to relax

Lámpara Xiaomi en exterior

To begin with, say that we are facing a small lamp (it measures only 295 x 228 mm) and that offers a simply impressive retro design. Under the glass dome that surrounds the MiDian Zero Blue Music Ambient Light from Xiaomi we find an LED lighting system that offers a power of between 1700 and 1900K.

Obviously, this is not a product that serves to illuminate a room, but to give it a different and attractive touch. Without a doubt, a perfect Xiaomi lamp to create a unique corner in your home . In addition, it completely eliminates blue light emissions, thus avoiding eye damage after prolonged use, and on top of that it helps you sleep.

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To do this, its light stimulates the natural secretion of melatonin , which produces an increase in relaxation and relieves fatigue, ending up inducing you to a pleasant sleep. Let’s take a look at its sound functions.

A device that you control with your mobile

Lámpara Xiaomi exterior

As we told you, the Xiaomi MiDian Zero Blue Music Ambient Light smart lamp hides a speaker that is linked to any device through its bluetooth connectivity. A perfect combo, to which we must add a good performance in high mid frequencies so that the music sounds really good. And beware, the Beijing-based manufacturer has taken into account every last detail. In this way, the MiDian Zero Blue Music Ambient Light lamp has support for Mijia.

We are talking about Xiaomi’s smart ecosystem for its entire family of connected products. So this new lamp with built-in bluetooth speaker can be controlled with your mobile. And not only that, since it also has support for Xiao Ai, Xiaomi’s voice assistant. Without a doubt, a very complete product and whose price guarantees a new sales success for the company. Mainly because the MiDian Zero Blue Music Ambient Light hits the market for only 249 yuan, about 32 euros to change.

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