How to Turn an iPod Classic into a Player with WiFi and Bluetooth

Turn an iPod Classic into a Player with WiFi and Bluetooth

They’re practically a collector’s item, but if you have an iPad Classic and wish to offer it a new, more current life, then you might copy Guy Dupont’s concept. This YouTuber has managed to turn 4th generation iPod Classic into a WiFi gamer suitable with Spotify and a lot more.

The iPod Classic with WiFi connection that never existed

Rerproductor musica wifi iPod

IPods were Apple’s lifeline at a time when the business was going through a fragile circumstance. Throughout those years the iPhone did not exist and Mac sales were not almost what they are now. However, Apple saw effectively the requirement to bring music in your pocket and developed a device efficient in storing countless tunes. That and the success of iTunes bringing in the brochure of numerous record labels did the rest.

Today iPods and in specific the Traditional model are devices in high demand by all those who want to get one, much more so if they continue to work. Because one of the issues they suffered was the degeneration of their storage system, a small mechanical hard disk.

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However, if you have one or you get one and it doesn’t work, don’t stress. There are those who have handled to turn among these iPod Classic into a restored multimedia gamer capable of connecting to WiFi networks, accessing the brochure of applications such as Spotify and ultimately being the gamer that today would be an iPod from2021 Or well, the iPhone already It’s the iPod of 2021?

To attain such a product Person Dupont just needed to get hold of a 4th generation iPod Classic to be more precise and a series of electronic components worth about 80 euros And yes, as you might currently be thinking of the iPod case and a Raspberry Pi No are the two pillars on which this maker task is based.

With all these aspects, persistence and some knowledge, the result is what you can see in the following video. A multimedia player with an iPod Classic look and where the highlight, beyond being able to connect to services such as Spotify or send the audio signal to Bluetooth speakers, is that the interface corresponds that of the iPod Classic and is managed through the well-known and iconic click wheel.

In the video you can see not just how the gamer works, however also the handling and that particular sound that iPods made when you moved through its user interface with the wheel, when you pressed its central button, etc. Without a doubt, a job that will thrill the most romantic in basic and for any fan of Apple and the iPod in specific.

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How to make your own iPod Classic with a Raspberry Pi

Cómo crear un iPod con Spotify y WiFi

Similar to many other projects based upon Raspberry Pi, the users who carry them out normally share all the components they utilize, the software and even make a guide so that others can replicate them if they feel capable and the idea attracts.

This time you will also be able to bring it out if you seem like it. In are all the information, you have the different components that you would require (leading the list is the popular and versatile Raspberry Pi Zero) along with the essential software application for the setup of these. Because one of the obstacles was to adjust the click wheel to be able to continue being used in this player task.

So now you understand, if you have an iPod in the house that you want to offer a 2nd life to, this might be your excellent opportunity. And if not, you might still make your own music gamer suitable with Spotify. That in the end is what it will enable you, and hence be able to listen to music from the service whenever you desire. Although you need to build the case yourself and it is not as aesthetic as Apple’s design.

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Naturally you can also make a small portable console and benefit from the alternatives available to connect a Bluetooth controller to the Raspberry Pi No. For alternatives we currently alert you that it will not be, this board provides a lot of play and the only thing you require is to be client and wish to get twisted.

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