GeForce Now: Chrome Support and Native Client for Mac with M1

GeForce Now: Chrome Support and Native Client for Mac

GeForce Now was slow to be available for Macs with an Intel processor, but it seems that its arrival to the new computers with the M1 chip has been different. Along with support for the Chrome browser, the Mac M1 can now access Nvidia’s streaming game service.

GeForce Now for Chrome and Mac with M1 chip

One of the great challenges of GeForce Now , along with maintaining the widest possible game catalog, has always been being able to be present on as many devices as possible. For this reason, the company has continuously worked on its clients and other solutions that allow them to enjoy their games via streaming from anywhere.

Mac mini con M1, review

Windows computers were of course the first to enjoy the service, but the native client for Mac arrived a little later. It was in beta for a long time, practically the same until the service was finally launched for all users. At which point the challenge became to be on iOS and iPadOS devices.

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Being able to use GeForce Now on the iPhone and iPad was also tricky, because Apple and its App Store rules didn’t allow this type of game. Therefore, they again had to find a way to bypass this restriction so that the millions of users who wanted to do so could. This option came through a website that can be accessed through Safari and played with an experience practically identical to that offered by the native client for PC and Mac (with their respective operating systems designed for the X86 and X64 architectures). .

Dispositivos compatibles GeForce Now

Now, with the intention of reaching even more users, Nvidia announces that GeForce Now supports Chrome and that there is already a native client for Macs with an M1 chip . Both news are very interesting because of what each one of them means separately and jointly for the service.

With the support of Chrome by GeForce Now, many users will be able to play the entire catalog offered through platforms such as Steam, Epic Games, etc., from any device where it can be run. And all this with a performance to match, without those problems of delay in the response to the actions that until now were experienced when looking for tricks to access as it is done with Safari.

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Mac mini con M1, review

On the other hand, users with a Mac with the new Apple Silico n processor are also in luck. Because for these new teams there is already a native client , which is always a much more satisfactory experience in every way. And that Nvidia is getting the batteries and access via browser is getting better, with new options such as being able to create shortcuts to new favorite games.

How to access GeForce Now from the browser

GeForce Now Chrome Accessing GeForce Now from the browser , both Safari and Chrome is very simple. The first thing is to have updated in the case of iOS and iPadOS their operating systems to versions 14.2 or higher. With that and the latest updates for both browsers (Chrome and Safari), all you have to do is go to the following website and follow these steps:

  1. Access the website
  2. Log in
  3. In the case of iOS and iPadOS devices, you will have the option of creating a shortcut on the home screen, in the rest you can directly start playing
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Ready, there is nothing else to do. It is important to remember that you have two options to access GeForce Now . There is the free one where you do not have priority access to the servers and the game time is limited. And then the payment option with the greatest advantages. Likewise, in both the titles will be those that you have in the different stores with which they are associated, such as Steam or Epic Games.

For this last detail, taking advantage of the gifts that Epic and the like frequently make of different PC games can be so interesting. Because you will always have them available to play from your device and through the browser wherever you go and have an internet connection.

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