How to Open Apps on a Samsung Mobile with the Function Button

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Our mobiles hold true pocket computer systems, and apps are the ones that benefit from all that processing power. We have lots of ways to run apps, although most of them go through touching the screen. Today we propose one with which it will not be essential, and you just need to press the function button of your Samsung

Open Apps on a Samsung Mobile with the Function Button

There are always some apps that are more preferred for us than others, and we want to constantly have them at hand to be able to run them quickly, that is what the functionality that we tell you today helps us, and that it is really easy to activate.

Release apps with a button

This function is not a novelty, vice versa, and they have always existed for our mobiles, since it allows us to utilize a physical button to be able to run the apps on our mobile, without needing to go through the screen. Normally to run an app we need to unlock the screen with a biometric method, or press it to activate it. However in this case we can select to have actually an app run by pushing the power button on our Samsung mobile. Well, for this, all we need to do is configure the function button in One UI, a function button that is generally the power button.

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As you understand, usually a long press on the power button opens the menu where we can turn off or reboot the phone. Well, this time the activation of this performance permits that by pressing the power button two times we can run the app we desire. In this method you can run the app you want without having to touch the screen, or if your Samsung does not have a specific button for the video camera, you can also open it in the same way. A classic function of any phone that could not be missing from your Samsung.

How to set up the app that you are going to open?

Well, it is really easy, since One UI has a particular function to configure this aspect of the phone. To do this, you need to do the following on your Samsung terminal:

  • Get in the settings of your Samsung mobile
  • Open “Advanced Characteristic”
  • Select “Button Function”
  • Click on “Open application”
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botón función Samsung

Here we must choose from the list of installed apps which one will be carried out when we double-press the power button. Once it is set up, with one press the screen will turn off or on, with two the app we have actually chosen will run and with a long press the phone’s on or off menu will be triggered.

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