How to Lock and Protect Samsung Phones with One UI

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When we turn on a Samsung mobile for the first time and follow the configuration, we find several security options to protect our data, although in many cases it is common to choose one that we later want to change. To help you, we show you how you can lock Samsung phones so that all files, photos and data are safe.

Lock and Protect Samsung Phones with One UI

Every time we come across more security options, in Samsung Galaxy phones of the high-end, mid-range or entry-level range we have a variety of possibilities. There are options to unlock Samsung phones that can be combined as we are going to show you, so that depending on the time and place you use the fastest or the one that suits you best.

Where to change the type of screen lock on Samsung

The options to modify the protection in Samsung are shared in all its smartphones with One UI, although inside we can come across some options different from others depending on the hardware and technology of the mobile. Once decided to protect our Samsung mobile, we just have to follow these quick steps:

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  • We enter the Settings of our mobile.
  • We tap on the Lock screen option.
  • We choose Type of screen lock.
  • We will find all the available options.

How each lock method works on Samsung

There are several options that we have at our disposal to unlock Samsung phones and so that you know which of them to choose, we will explain how they work. If in your case you see fewer options, it is because you do not have facial recognition technology or a fingerprint reader on your smartphone.

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  • Slide: consists of the option without mobile protection. We will only have to slide our finger across the screen and we will have access to all the data, therefore it does not offer any security.
  • Pattern: allows us to choose a series of movements through the points on the screen, which we will have to repeat each time we want to access the mobile.
  • Pin: it is a series of digits that prevent anyone from using the mobile.
  • Password: in this case we can use numbers, letters and symbols to protect the mobile.
  • Face: it is a biometric security system, which depends on the camera or 3D recognition of the mobile. Just by looking at the screen the mobile will be unlocked, being able to combine it with the previous options as alternatives.
  • Fingerprints: it is possibly the safest method, being irreplaceable by another fingerprint. We will have to place our finger on the fingerprint reader, which can be on the back, side or front of the mobile. As before, it can also be combined with the pattern, pin or password.

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