How to Fix Android Gestures Problems

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Using Android phones has changed by leaps and bounds in recent years and amongst them one of the most significant modifications pertains to screen gestures. We have actually gone from the traditional buttons to a gesture system that works in a similar method all the modification layers. However, the problems with gestures on Android exist extremely typically.

With the intention that you do not need to give up comfy gestures, we wish to reveal you why these problems exist and what you can do to fix them. With a little perseverance and an appropriate setup we will be able to make them work as we all want and we will acquire the very best outcome on whatever mobile is.

Configure gestures on Android phones

The very first thing we need to consider to get the gestures to work on the mobile is to activate them, which will give way to their configuration. In stock Android, Samsung, Huawei and most mobiles, the process to trigger the gestures is the following that we reveal you:

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activar gestos android

  • We enter the mobile Settings.
  • Then we go to Sistema.
  • Later we tap on System Navigation.
  • Here we choose the gestures, in many cases having the ability to select the method.

In case of not finding it, we can choose to write in the search bar of the settings “system navigation” and it will take us straight to this option.

Adapt gestures so they do not fail

Once inside the alternative, we will find the possibility of touching the settings wheel however without the gestures. This alternative is available in Google Pixel, Android One mobile phones, Motorola and some other designs that are mainly based upon Android, not being present in Xiaomi or Huawei.

configurar gestos android

From here we will be able to adapt the level of sensitivity of the screen to the gestures we make from the sides, as it is one of the main problems with mobile gestures. Although you can not adjust the level of sensitivity at the bottom of the screen.

A screen saver can spoil gestures

The primary factor and trigger why screen gestures stop working on Android phones is directly connected to protectors. This security measure is commonly used and likewise recommended, although sometimes it can cause us failures connected to this case.

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Protector limpia pantallas móviles iphone

Screen protectors that are too thick are responsible for this, as is the case with some tempered glass protectors. It is not constantly the case with these models, but it holds true that these screen protectors are more susceptible to gesture errors We will have to take a look at the different screen protectors that exist for smart phones and search for options that secure less but permit us to benefit from this system of usage.

Covers are in some cases a hassle

Although apparently it does not look like it to us, the covers that we use on the mobile can be part of the failures of the gestures Some are not designed in the best method and may be avoiding us from making the lateral gestures, in the very best way. This has taken place primarily in mobile phones with a curved screen, because it is more complicated for the case to safeguard the sides of the smart phone.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20

We need to take it into account when buying a case, going with acknowledged brands and having a look at the comments of other purchasers if possible. In physical shops, sometimes the covers can be attempted and it can be a service to clean up doubts.

A specific failure with a solution

In the online forums we have faced a issue associated to gestures on all Android phones that takes place especially after an update. Apparently even if we configure the gestures they can not be used, something that is solved quickly simply by rebooting the mobile.

actualizar actualizaciones android

In another order of things, in some cases an update can save us from this issue that we have actually been dragging. That is why it is essential to check in Settings > System and updates that we have the most recent version of the software.

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