How Does the AR Measure Function in Huawei Work?

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When makers discover the best secret, our mobile phones can incorporate really fascinating and helpful functions in everyday life. Huawei is one of the companies that has promoted the functions of AI the most, to the point of launching tools such as AR Step, which allows to have an accurate height, length and volume meter, without needing to get rid of the measuring tape from the drawer.

This function is born by integrating hardware elements such as a ToF (Time of Flight) sensor with AI-powered software application. In this method, AR enables us to determine rapidly and precisely only with our mobile. The function was released in the Huawei P30 Pro of 2019, but it operates in other Huawei and Honor terminals with ToF sensor. Bear in mind that this sensing unit can record the precise depth of the scene and deal AR (Increased Truth) experiences in particular applications.

How to utilize AR Step

The AR Procedure function is found within Huawei’s pre-installed tools on its compatible terminals. Prior to starting the application, it is recommended that the environment is well lit and devoid of challenges in addition to reflective objects. When we begin the tool, we will see a bar at the bottom with four alternatives: Length, Location, Volume and Height.

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To start, we will have to line up the phone with the challenge be determined and slowly move the terminal according to the virtual guide, till a sign appears in the center of the screen. When the measurement is complete, the outcome will appear on the screen.

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Step height

When touching in height, we will have to frame the subject’s feet within the viewfinder. Then we touch to mark the beginning point and lift the mobile to include the entire body of the subject in the viewfinder. When the person’s face is identified, the terminal will show the height on the screen. You can likewise determine the height of two or three people at the same time. To do this, they should be placed side by side and following the exact same steps that we have seen.

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Measure the length

In this case, within the screen you need to select Length and move the phone slowly while framing the object within the viewfinder We aim to mark the starting point and move the mobile slowly along the edge of the item. When it reaches completion we touch and the length will be displayed on the screen.

AR Measure en Huawei

Procedure Location

At this time, the option only enables you to determine the location of rectangles. To do this, we tap on Area and frame the object in the audience, gradually moving the mobile When the terminal determines the things, a frame will appear that overlaps the object. We will see the outcome and we will have to drag the end point to change the measurement outcome.

Measure volume

As previously, the volume measurement is also limited, in this case to cubes. To do this, we pick the option in the tool and ensure that the item is not positioned versus a wall. Then we keep a range of 1 to 1.5 cm between the phone and the target. Then, we frame the object in the viewfinder, gradually moving the mobile. When the terminal identifies the object, a frame will appear that overlaps the things. We will see the result and we will have to drag the end point to change the measurement result.

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