Solution if Apple Watch is Having Trouble Connecting to the Internet

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Apple Watch is Having Trouble Connecting to the Internet

The Apple Watch is a device practically dependent on the iPhone, however you can continue to use it when it is far away and it can even remain connected to the internet regardless of the iPhone to which it is linked. In this post we want to tell you the possible solutions that exist if just that, the internet connection of your Apple Watch, is failing.

What does the Apple Watch need to connect to the internet?

The Apple Watch can connect to the network in two different ways, in fact, when you buy a new Apple Watch you have to decide the way you want your Apple Watch to connect to the internet. In this way you can find the GPS model, a model that will connect to the internet only and exclusively via Wi-Fi or through your iPhone. On the other hand, there is the GPS + Cellular model, which to the options of the previous model, adds the possibility of connecting to the internet through a virtual SIM, that is, you can have an internet connection away from home without having to carry The iPhone is the most independent Apple Watch that exists.

Apple Watch

Therefore, the solutions that exist to solve the problems of your Apple Watch with internet connectivity vary depending on the model you have, so let’s go in parts and start with the possible solutions that you find if your Apple Watch model is the most basic.

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On an Apple Watch GPS

As we mentioned, this Apple Watch model can only be connected to the internet through the iPhone, or, if it is not within range, through a Wi-Fi network. Once you have this very clear, we go with the possible solutions to the connectivity problems of your Apple Watch.

Check your connection to the iPhone

The main reason why your Apple Watch could have lost the internet connection if you are out of range of your usual Wi-Fi network is that it has lost the connection with the iPhone. The GPS model needs to have the iPhone close by when you leave the house in order to continue receiving notifications, to remain connected to the internet, after all. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is check the connection of your Apple Watch and iPhone.

Revisa conexion al iPhone

If on your Apple Watch you can see a red icon of an iPhone or an icon of an “x” in red, this means that your Apple Watch is not connected to the iPhone. When this connection is reestablished you can check it because you can see an iPhone icon in green.

In case your Apple Watch does not connect with the iPhone, you have to try to do it, in this case follow the next steps to make the connection between your iPhone and your Apple Watch exist again.

  1. Keep your Apple Watch and iPhone close to each other.
  2. On the iPhone make sure that Airplane mode is not active and that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections are activated.
  3. Restart the iPhone and Apple Watch.
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In case the connection does not return after completing these steps, unpair both devices and pair them again.

Revisa conexion al iPhone 2

Check the connection to the Wi-Fi network

If the connection between your iPhone and your Apple Watch is successful but when you separate them at home, and within the same Wi-Fi network, the Apple Watch loses that connection, follow the steps below to reconfigure a Wi-Fi network within your Apple Watch. It should be mentioned that this procedure is possible if you have a version of watchOS 5 or later.

  • Open the Apple Watch Settings app.
  • Press Wi-Fi.
  • Tap the name of the network you want to connect to.
  • If prompted, enter the password using Handwriting or the Apple Watch keyboard.
  • Press Login.

Revisa la conexion a la red wifi

On an Apple Watch GPS + Cellular

To all the solutions discussed for the GPS model, the following are added if your device is an Apple Watch that has a GPS + Cellular connection. In case of having problems with the Wi-Fi connection, the solutions are the same as that we have proposed in the previous section, now, if your problem is in the connection to mobile data of your Apple Watch, keep reading that we propose several solutions.

Check the signal strength

comprueba intensidad de la señal

As with the mobile data of any phone, the internet connection may be affected by the coverage you have in the place where you are, so the first thing you have to do is check the intensity of the connection, of the signal you have at that moment.

  • Press and hold the bottom of the screen.
  • Wait for the Control Center to appear, then swipe up.
  • Check the mobile data button. It turns green when there is a connection and the green dots indicate the signal strength. This button turns white when the Apple Watch is connected to the iPhone or to a Wi-Fi network.
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Get in touch with your operator

If despite the fact that the connection seems to be fine but you still cannot use it or, simply, the lack of mobile data connection is prolonged in time, we recommend that you contact your operator so that they can offer you a Possible solution.

Contact Apple Support

One of the most recommended and probably most effective options for any problem with any Apple device is to contact the technical service as they will offer you the best possible solution and guide you, if possible, in it. Therefore, although you have carried out all the previous steps and you have not been able to reestablish the internet connection of your Apple Watch or you want to save yourself those steps and play it safe, we recommend that you contact Apple’s technical service through from the Support app.

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