Microsoft Fixes Windows 10 Forgetting Passwords Error

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Thanks to passwords we can prevent other users from accessing our online accounts and our data. Broadly speaking, they are the main security door to protect our data. Due to the complexity of computer attacks that take place today, if we are really concerned about security it is necessary to use long and complex passwords that cannot be broken. However, these passwords are complicated to memorize, and long to enter, so we generally delegate this work to programs or operating systems. The problem comes when they are not saving them correctly, as has happened to Windows 10 .

The logins error, a headache for many

Since last April, a failure in Windows 10 was causing the login credentials not to be saved correctly in the operating system. This affected the main programs that we could have installed on the PC, such as OneDrive, Outlook, Edge, Chrome and Adobe Creative Cloud, among others.

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Windows 10 Forgetting Passwords Error

Due to this error we could find that when using these programs, from time to time they asked us to re-enter the username and password to log in again and be able to use them. Something very annoying, especially when using Adobe software, since it forced us to log in again and again every few days. It also seems to affect Chrome, Edge, and Chromium users, having to log into Microsoft / Google over and over again.

Login Adobe ID

Despite the fact that this problem has been present in the operating system for 6 months , and users have been complaining about it since then, it has not been until now that Microsoft has finally admitted it. Last month, Microsoft made the problem with Windows logins official. And now, a month later, he finally claims to be working on a solution.

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Solution to the problem of passwords in Windows 10

Microsoft was silent on, or concerned about, this issue until now because, according to them, it only affected a very small number of users. Unfortunately, the number of affected has been increasing exponentially, and now it became a worrying failure that had to be addressed as soon as possible.

The company ensures that this problem is already solved in the compilations they use internally. However, the patch is not yet available to other users of the operating system.

Microsoft will surely release this solution along with the next optional patches that will arrive on Windows in the second half of January 2021 . This means that if all goes well and no new problems are detected, this fix will automatically reach all users with the February 2021 security (and quality) patches .

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While this patch reaches all users, the only thing we can do is wait. And every time a program asks us to log in, do it manually, there is no other option. The problem only seems to affect Windows 10 versions 2004 and 20H2 , so if we are still using a 2019 version we will not be affected by this problem.

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