Best iPhone apps to Learn Japanese

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iPhone apps to Learn Japanese

Japanese is undoubtedly internalized in the lives of many people, especially through video games and animated series. Learning this language can be a priority for many people and it is possible to do so thanks to a number of applications. In this article we show you the best ones.

Complementary apps to the classes

When you are going to learn a new language you should know that it is necessary to have online classes. Apps can’t do real miracles. Their main function is to give a base in vocabulary, but Japanese is not a really simple language for a Westerner. That is why you must understand that all these applications act as a simple support mechanism.

Apps specialized in Japanese

Kanji GO

Kanji GO

With Kanji GO you can learn Japanese in an easy and intuitive way. You will find an extensive vocabulary list with the aim of learning Kanji, Hiragana or Katakana. This list is complemented by a series of exercises where different audios are also included to improve pronunciation. Along with these audio exercises, a visual system is also included to internalize each of the more than 5,900 words in this application. The level goes from JLPT N5 to JLPT N1.



With Kana you can learn Japanese Hiragana and Katakana starting with all the basics. The study technique that is proposed is quite interesting since it combines drawing practice, questionnaire training or statistics to be able to assess the progress you are making in your learning. The only problem it has is that you must have knowledge of English to be able to take advantage of this application.

Japanese grammar

gramatica japonesa

To be able to master any language, it is important to have knowledge of vocabulary and especially grammar. With this application you can have a reinforcement on the latter with audio files that are available in all materials to reinforce pronunciation. You can familiarize yourself with more than 800 words that are necessary to pass the JLPT N5. In addition, the application will allow you to view all the progress of your learning.


Nemo japones

This application will allow you to perfect your Japanese accent with voice study. You simply have to record your voice saying a phrase in Japanese and then listen to it yourself. In this way you can self-evaluate with your teacher the progress you are making. It does not have any kind of lesson, but is designed to be used at any time as long as you have free time.

Translators and dictionaries

In a complementary way to these applications, you must bear in mind that you have to have a good dictionary or translator installed. When you are doing a specific exercise you may have some doubts about a specific word because you do not know its meaning.

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This is a multilanguage dictionary that will allow you to translate any word from Japanese to Spanish or vice versa. In addition, it will also offer you a series of synonyms in Spanish so that it can cover different variables. The different verb tenses are also included in order to have a much more exhaustive translation.

Camera Translator: Translate

Traductor de cámara

In addition to conventional translators where the original text to be translated must be entered, it makes use of the camera. With a simple photograph of the phrase to be translated or a poster, you can have the translation instantly on your iPhone. This makes the task much easier when it comes to having a phrase from Japanese translated into Spanish on your mobile.

Other complementary applications

Everything we have discussed was focused exclusively on Japanese, but the truth is that there are many other applications. These integrate more languages in addition to Japanese but are equally useful, being able to enrich both your Japanese and other languages.

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iTranslate Lingo

itranslate lingo

Learn a new language in a fun and visual way thanks to this application that includes Japanese. You can choose between the 3 levels of difficulty that exist and learn doing exercises on demand chosen from the 30 categories that are available. To improve your spelling, everything you write will be corrected.



One of the most famous applications that can be found in the App Store with which you can learn Japanese or another language. The learning schedules will be organized for you with a study plan that will be adapted to you. You will not be able to forget any word thanks to the vocabulary list so that you can memorize them as well as the grammar with different exercises.

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