Avast, Free Antivirus to Protect Windows from All Types of Malware

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If there is a type of software that could be considered as almost essential in these times, those are antivirus. These are programs that are installed on most computers and that protect us from potential external attacks. This is precisely the case that we are going to talk about in these same lines, Avast .

As surely many of you will already know first-hand, there are many developers of these programs who offer us their projects . There are more current ones, others that have been with us for decades, free or paid. Be that as it may, they present their products to us so that we can use them and thus be protected. What’s more, these specific programs become especially relevant if we regularly use an Internet connection , something quite likely.

Avast, Free Antivirus

Therefore, what we need is a program specialized in these issues that we will comment on. Hence, below we will talk about one of the most common proposals of this type, such as the Avast solution.

Reasons to choose this free antivirus

Are you undecided? We are going to comment on some of the main reasons why you could choose this proposal as your favorite in the form of antivirus for your team.

Has a free version

For home users looking for an antivirus solution out of the box, this is a good alternative. We say this because it has a free version that protects us from possible external attacks, with hardly any additional functions, but more than enough for many. The only thing we need to use it is to download the program from its official website.

It has a password protector

But if we talk about additional functions of the free version of Avast, here we find one of the most demanded by most users. Specifically, we refer to a built-in password protection system. Since these protection elements are used on many occasions and by the majority of Internet users, this added function will be appreciated.

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It is updated every so often

As we mentioned before, this is a very widespread and well-known proposal in much of the world. Hence, Avast developers take great care of their product. This means, for our benefit, that the antivirus is updated every so often, so we will always be protected against the most recent threats that have appeared. This is something that refers to both the program itself, and the internal malware database.

Look for vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi

It is also worth knowing, with the same emphasis on the free version, that Avast offers us a function to protect the WiFi . To do this, once connected to it, the program performs an analysis in search of possible vulnerabilities that endanger our computer if we connect to it.

First steps with Avast antivirus

We must bear in mind that when we talk about this specific title, we are actually referring to a protection program known in much of the world. Not in vain is it a solution that over the years has been gaining followers and therefore regular users. All of this is largely due to the free and quite functional version that it presents, although it is not the only one, as we will see.

Therefore, we will see what this specific program offers us and how it can help us protect our computer against all types of viruses and malware. To begin we will tell you that to start working with all this, the first thing we will do is install the antivirus as such. We do this in a conventional way. Of course, during the installation process, the program also suggests us to install our own web browser and make it the default. This to something optional, but we must be attentive to the window that proposes it to us.

Avast navegador

Then we can continue as the process itself so that the security program is part of our team. Once the installation has finished, we also have the possibility to carry out a first scan for malware. This is something that we can carry out even before accessing the main interface of the program. Once all this is over, we can take a look at the Avast antivirus window.

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Avast main interface, how to use

The first thing we can point out here is that this is a program that presents us with a very intuitive user interface. This is divided into two well differentiated parts, on the one hand a main central desk , as well as a left panel where we find the available work modes. The first of these we come across is that of the State. Here the only thing we can do is make use of the Smart Scan button where we run a scan of the entire computer in search of malicious agents.

Interfaz principal Avast

Avast Protection section

On the other hand we find the Protection section, something that we also see in the left panel of the window. When accessing it, we find a series of interesting tools, all of them with the clear objective of protecting our PC. Here we can define a series of basic defenses , see blocked threats, search for WiFi failures, or block remote connections. That is why this is one of the most important sections of the entire antivirus.

Protección Avast

At the same time, from here we can configure the firewall included in the program or activate an anti-ransomware shield. Of course, say that all the functions in this section are not available in the free version of the program.

Antivirus Privacy Section

In addition to security itself, another important task for any antivirus worth its salt is to take care of our privacy. Hence precisely that this software offers us a special section for it. It is enough to locate ourselves in it to be able to take a look at the tools that it presents here. We have a secure data eraser, a VPN, webcam and password protection, etc.

Privacidad avast

Take care of the general performance of the PC from the Avast software

And although it is not a protection system as such, this is a solution that also offers us some functions related to performance. Among these we find one to update drivers, improve the autonomy of the laptop, or clean unnecessary data, among other things.

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rendimiento avast

Avast Settings

How could it be otherwise, the protection program offers us a series of customizable parameters. We access these through the button located in the upper right corner, specifically from Menu / Options. In this particular section we have the possibility to configure sections such as notifications , exceptions to be analyzed, establish an access password or a list of blocked and supported applications.

Configuración Avast

In this way we will have greater control over everything that this antivirus can do for us on the PC. In addition, this configuration section is not complicated at all, so anyone can customize the behavior of the antivirus .

Versions and how to download Avast

As we mentioned before, this is a program that has a quite functional free solution that we can download from this link . But that is not the only one we can draw on, since here we find limited tools.

And it is that on the other hand we find the Premium and Ultimate versions . The first one has a cost of 69.99 euros per year for a team and increases the available tools, something we access from here . Includes webcam protection, anti-ransomware protection, spam blocking, etc.

Finally, we can use the Ultimate version that gives way to all the functions in full, for a price of 99.99 euros per year for a PC and which we take advantage of from this link .

Alternatives to Avast

Windows Defender

As you know, this is the antivirus solution that is integrated into Windows 10 itself and that does not stop gaining users. It is a free antivirus that offers comprehensive protection for our Windows PC. It has an engine capable of detecting all types of threats, its own firewall and other additional shields. If we have the Redmond system, we already find it working there, unless we install another third-party solution.

Avira Free Security

This is another quite popular proposal in this particular sector and it is also a free antivirus. It has an efficient engine thanks to which we can be sure that the PC is protected against all kinds of threats . It makes other security modules available to us, such as a shield that analyzes the websites we visit and blocks dangerous ones. We can prove all of this first-hand from this link .

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