5 Unknown Windows Functions That Are Enabled by Default

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Windows Functions

Windows 10 is not restricted to just a desktop and the programs that we usually install and use every day. Its possible goes much further. The Microsoft os has a large number of alternatives, functions and functions of all kinds that enable us to get the most out of the PC. Sure we all understand the normal functions of this os, however what about the ones we are visiting next?

Game Mode– Better Performance for Windows 10

Modo juego Windows

Among the functions that usually go unnoticed when we utilize Windows 10 is the Game Mode This function is triggered by default and permits us, broadly speaking, to optimize PC performance when we run programs completely screen, similar to games. The Windows 10 Game Mode is accountable for taking control of system processes and suspending all those that are not strictly needed (such as Windows update) so that, while we play, we can have the very best possible performance.

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Game Bar– Get the most out of PC games

Barra juego Windows

It might be understood as an enhance to the previous one. The game bar, which we can go for at any time using the Windows G keyboard shortcut, enables us to have access to an overlay screen at any time while we are playing. This superimposed screen permits us to have access to the social functions of Xbox and utilize a series of gizmos that enable us to control the music, the volume and have in view the efficiency (CPU, GPU, FPS, etc.) of our PC.

Find files with your universal internet browser

Publicidad Edge menú buscar Windows 10 - 2

If we have the files on our computer system correctly arranged we will have no problems finding them. Nevertheless, sometimes we may have to perform a more general search to discover a file, a system file, or a program in Windows10 And for this reason, the os has an all-in-one online search engine from which we can discover actually anything on our PC. It even enables us to investigate on the Internet, through Bing, so that with a basic inquiry our concern is resolved.

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A modern appearance of the system and programs with their transparencies

Efectos transparencia configuración

Openness concerned Windows with the release of Vista, with its Aero theme. However, with the arrival of Windows 8, Microsoft did strange things and they vanished. As 10 was an 8-based version, these slides were not initially available either. With the system updates that were getting here after its launch, Microsoft finally reestablished them, although in a somewhat different method than we knew.

Windows 10 transparencies are usually triggered by default for all users who meet the standard hardware requirements, and we can see them in the start menu and on the taskbar. Some of the UWP applications (like the Settings Panel) also bring them, in acrylic kind, in the menu bars.

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The best sound thanks to Windows Sonic, or spatial noise

Activar Sonido Espacial Windows Sonic DTS

Microsoft has attached excellent value to everything related to sound in Windows. Whether playing video games or enjoying a good film, surround sound allows us to “enter into” far more of the action. Surround sound equipment is usually quite pricey. Thanks to Microsoft’s Area Sound, likewise understood as Windows Sonic, we can accomplish that virtual surround sound in any type of stereo speakers or headphones.

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