4 Excel Functions that Help You Keep Your Household Accounting

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Despite the many applications that we can use to carry out office work, Excel is one of the most used. This belongs to the popular Microsoft Office suite, along with others such as Word or PowerPoint .

Well, you have to know that the aforementioned Excel is the program we have used to make spreadsheets for years. It is actually a powerful program from the Office suite that is used in all kinds of environments, both professional and home. It is true that at first it seems that it is only valid for corporate uses, but in reality it is not. We tell you all this because it offers functions for all types of users and work environments.

4 Excel Functions Keep Your Household Accounting

It is true that at the moment we can use similar proposals, but many of them try to imitate the behavior of Excel, without success. You also have to bear in mind that getting the most out of this program to make calculations is somewhat complicated. The main reason for all this is that the program itself has a huge number of functions that it makes available to us. And that’s not all, since it also has the fact that we can use all kinds of formulas and different types of sheet programming. But as we say, it adapts to both home uses and large companies, everything will depend on how much we want to delve into its functions.

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In fact, in these same lines we will talk about some of the functions integrated in the program that will help us to keep a domestic accounting. This way we will have much more control over our expenses at home thanks to Microsoft Excel.

Simple and basic formulas

It is true that, as we mentioned before, Excel is a complex program with many types of formulas. But among these, in addition to the most complex, we also find some simple ones that will help us in the domestic economy . We just have to know how to use them and where. Here we talk about basic calculations such as addition, subtraction, division or multiplication.

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Fórmulas Excel

Integrated graphics based on data

We can also create our own custom charts easily and quickly that will help us to control that domestic economy. In addition, Excel offers us a huge amount of configurable designs and options in this regard. Thus, in a more visual way, we can see the numerical data previously entered.

Autosum function

One of the most used functions here, especially in more basic usage types, is the autosum function. You are sure that it is extremely useful for us when it comes to keeping your home accounting in a faster and easier way. In addition, this is a function that Microsoft tries to facilitate its use to a great extent, aware of its popularity and importance.

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Use multiple sheets in a single book

For this type of task, the organization of the data with which we deal is essential. For this, Microsoft with its Excel program that we are talking about, makes things easier for us. That is why for these tasks we are talking about, you use several individual sheets, for example separated by months, although they are all part of the same book .

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