3 Ways To Remove VBS:Malware-Gen [Solved]

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3 Ways To Remove VBS:Malware-Gen [Solved]

What is it?

VBS:Malware-Gen is a computer-based worm or infection that tends to spread across local as well as shared network devices.

This worm or infection is typically masked as a Visual Basic Script file that will be functioning on the basis of the configuration of the given code.

A recent study & continuous observation of the worm revealed that this worm has a huge payload and this might differ for various breeds of the given worm.

It might turn out to have a mild effect on the infected computer system. However, at times, it might also trigger complicated issues once it gets executed on the given computer system.


Usually, threats like VBS:Malware-Gen will arrive on your computer system unexpected through spam emails that might be sent out to other victims or users. It could come attached as a ZIP file.

Using the form of some deceptive content, the hacker or attacker could easily persuade the victim to execute the given file. Once it gets executed, the infection VBS:Malware-Gen runs & makes a copy of itself. This copy is bundled with Autorun.Inf virus file.

This infection starts affecting other related files & drives on the computer machine once the drive containing the file has been accessed.

USB drives and other removable hard drives are highly prone to such type of infections. This is the reason it is advised to implement proper safety measures on your external drives in order to safeguard your computer system from the worm “VBS: Malware-Gen”.

3 Fixes for VBS:Malware-Gen

In this article, we will help you with possible fixes to get rid of the infection VBS:Malware-Gen effectively from your computer system. Here are some:

First Fix (Safe Mode Scan)

To identify and get rid of the worm VBS:Malware-Gen, it is advised to scan your computer device in the Safe Mode with the help of the installed antivirus software or program- use them as removal tools.

When you are troubleshooting the PC, always boot its operating system in the Safe Mode with Networking.

For Windows 8/10 in Safe Mode:

  1. Close all the running programs in the system
  2. Press & hold the Shift key as you click on the option “restart”
  3. You will come across the troubleshooting options. Click on the “Troubleshoot” icon.
  4. Now, select the Advanced Options and click on Startup Settings. From here, select the Restart button
  5. As the Windows restarts, it will ask you to choose from the given list of options. Press the number on your keyboard corresponding to Safe Mode with Networking –usually number 5
  6. Once you are in Safe Mode, you can advance with the next series of steps to remove the virus from the system


For Windows XP/Vista/7:

  1. Restart your computer and just as the Windows is about to start, press the key F8 on the keyboard repeatedly. You will come across the Advanced Options menu.
  2. From the given selections, pick Safe Mode with Networking.
  3. Once you have put your Windows in the Safe Mode, you can run the antivirus program installed in your computer system. Update the program to the latest version.
  4. Scan your computer thoroughly and remove all the unidentified infections or threats.
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Second Fix (Clean The Registry)

The second fix is to clean all the available registry files in your computer system. You can do it by following the steps as:

  1. Go to the link https://sourceforge.net/projects/hjt/ in your web browser.
  2. Click on the option “Download”
  3. Once downloaded, double-click the program from the Downloads section.
  4. Click on the option “Do a system scan & save a log file”
  5. Check for any infected file(s).
  6. Click on the option “Fix Checked”. This action will delete the items present in the Windows registry.

Third Fix (Delete Suspicious Tasks)

Another fix is to delete all the suspicious tasks from your computer system. Here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Open the Start icon on the bottom-left part of the screen
  2. Here, you should type “Task Scheduler”.
  3. Click on the displayed result and select the task(s) as scheduled by the virus located in the middle column. Look out for any task that you have not scheduled by yourself.
  4. Click on the option Delete.

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Video Tutorial #1

In this video, the tech vlogger demonstrates how to remove VBS:Malware-gen POP-UP from Google Chrome. It’s a useful compendium of some of the solutions we already mentioned- great if you want a step by step fix for this problem:

Video Tutorial #2 (General Malware Removal)

In this video, they will be showing you how to remove all computer viruses, malware, adware and spyware off of your personal computer.

They are doing this on the Windows 10 computer. Having said that, in case you are using Windows, 8 8.1 or Windows 7, the steps are the same.

So this will also work on those operating systems as well.

They will be listing the steps down below in the video description, so make certain you’re following along down there since they will also list any important links that they go over so again follow along in the description below.

Step #1

They will also be doing some basic computer maintenance and cleaning to help improve the computer and help it run more efficiently. For Step #1, if you go down to the notes for the YouTube video and click on the link there it will take you to Malwarebytes- a removal tool.

It’s the first anti-malware scan he’s going to run. You’ll simply want to look for where it says free, download, They are going to go ahead and click on that and then once the Installer starts to download you are going to just want to make sure that you open it and then install it.

So you’ll want to click on settings on the left-hand side and go over here to My Account and then from there if you come down to the bottom and just click on the Activate Premium trial and hit yes, you can see now it switched it to the free version, which means you’re just currently using the free version of Malwarebytes and run a Scan.

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Now, as soon as the scan has completed it provides you with a summary of everything that that was found. You can easily scroll through and see what it found there.

Once you have checked all of the threats detailed, you are going to, just click on quarantine.

If anything like pop up appears on your screen asking to restart- for the time being, just click on No, since you’re going to restart the computer later in the cleaning steps.

Step #2

For step number two, you will want to go down to the notes in the YouTube video and underneath Step # 2 simply click on the link there and it’ll take you to this Super Anti Spyware page, which is the second scan you’re going to run. Just try to find the big red button which says Free Edition Download- you’re just going to download the free edition and the download should start instantly.

Once the download has completed you will just want to make sure you double-click on it to open it up, make sure the definitions are up to date, and run a Scan.

It’s going to provide you with what the results are- just be sure everything has an X in the box so that it is all totally selected and then once you have done that you can go ahead and click on Continue and it’ll get rid of every one of the malware results.

At this point, if you get a notification asking you to close your browsers you will want to go on and click on Yes and They shut down anything you have open just to make sure that it removes all of the malware threats properly.

Step #3

For Step # 3, you will need to go back down to the YouTube description just click on the link there and it will take you to CCleaner  website, which is where we will get CCleaner, which assists you in thoroughly cleaning the PC. Simply click on the free download button- watch the video for the full demonstration, but basically, you’re going to run CCleaner on your laptop or desktop computer.

It usually takes a couple of minutes, but simply let it run until it finishes. Once the cleaner hits 100 % you will know it’s finished, and it’ll also tell you how much garbage data was removed and give you a detailed list.

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You will want to click on the registry tab and just make sure everything here is checked and then you’re going to go ahead and click on scan for issues and then once it reaches 100 % again you will know it’s ready and finished. So you’re going to go ahead and come down here and click on Fix Selected Issues. If They ask you, if you want to back up the registry, click on Yes and you can just save it wherever you would like to save it.

In the video, the creator shows you that it found 51- They are going to go ahead and click on Fix All Selected Issues and then you are going to click on close. He recommends you are going to need to run this most likely several times since it might not discover all of them on the first scan, so They are going to go ahead and run it again in order to make certain it found all of them. Now you can see in the second scan

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It found no issues.

The next step- you’ll want to click on the Tools tab and then also be sure you have the Uninstall tab selected- it’s going to list all of the applications you’ve got on your personal computer and so basically what you ought to do is go through this whole list and get rid of every one of the undesirable programs and all of the junk programs.

If you had malware or virus or something else like adware on your personal computer, There is a good possibility that a bad program has been installed. So you are simply going to need to go through everything here on this list and remove all of the bad ones.

Now also, if you go back down to the notes under step 3 Part C, there is another link there that will take you to this page. It’s called, Should I Remove it. Here you can look up a software program to find out if it is good or bad- this will help you figure out if it’s safe to delete.

The tech vlogger says that anything that is like a yellow or orange or red rating unquestionably needs to be deleted. If it has a green rating, you are able to leave it, but anything again with the red, an orange or yellow rating- any of those programs absolutely do need to be removed off your computer. Another pointer- if you notice something with the word toolbar in it, Do not even bother looking it up, They can tell you right now: it totally has to be removed.

No matter if it’s from Yahoo or Google or AVG or whoever it’s from- anything with the word toolbar in it absolutely needs to be removed from the computer.

Another thing he recommends- you want to make sure you don’t have several antivirus programs on the computer. If you have multiple, you need to get rid of the extra ones and make certain you simply have one installed.

Additionally, you’ll want to be on the lookout for any applications claiming to be registry cleaners. Those are usually bad, so They would definitely remove those when you do find an application that you are prepared to remove you’ll just click on it to select it and then you’ll and click on uninstall, and this will remove the program.

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