Xiaomi Mobile with Sliding Screen and Hidden Camera

Xiaomi Mobile with Sliding Screen and Hidden Camera. Although the modifications in the style of mobile phones are viewed little by little, the fact is that from time to time we can take a look at the future. Xiaomi has always been extremely at the leading edge of this innovation, as it did with the Mi Mix 3, as the business’s first phone with a moving cam, or the Mi Mix Alpha, the conceptual mobile that left us with our mouths open even though it has never ever come out. for sale.

Xiaomi Mobile with Sliding Screen

Meanwhile, Xiaomi continues to develop its first folding mobile, where numerous bets are inclined for a launch this year. All these terminals pursue the objective of being able to offer a terminal with an “all-screen” design. Now, we can peek into the possible future of Xiaomi , thanks to a new company patent, filed with the WIPO (World Copyright Office) and the USPTO (United States Patent and Hallmark Workplace) and collected by LetsGoDigial, which has actually developed the images based on the original patent sketches.

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patente xiaomi camara deslizable 01

Screen that slides, even with voice

In the images, we see a terminal that provides a vertically moving screen style, which likewise envelops the entire phone, even covering the back. It is apparent that this can only be attained with a flexible OLED panel, which is what this terminal would incorporate. The goal is to conceal the front cams, enabling the user to have an all-screen device in their hands, with the side frames tighter than ever.

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patente xiaomi camara deslizable

In this case, it is not the front camera that emerges, however the screen that slides to cover or expose it This prevents the mechanisms of pop-up electronic cameras and would not use the problem that hidden electronic cameras have under the screen with the capture of light. In addition, according to the information of the patent, the user will have a number of ways, including voice, to make the screen slide.

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All eyes on the Mi Mix 4

As Soon As again, the Mi Mix 4 sounds like the ideal prospect to release these and other innovations. The Mi Mix family has actually constantly worked as a sort of test bed, and not simply looks or functionality. Let’s remember without going any even more that the Mi Mix 3 5G was one of the first phones on the marketplace to use this connection.

patente xiaomi camara deslizable

The Mi Mix 4 might therefore be the first Xiaomi smart device to have a selfie electronic camera under the screen. The most recent news about this gadget came from Xiaomi itself, because the main MIUI site revealed the name Mi Mix 4 in its HTML code. Some claim that the terminal will see the light at the end of the year. If so, it will not take long to see the very first leakages from the terminal.

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