Windows 10 Start Menu Changes – New Look for 2021

The Start menu is one of the most helpful and widely used tools in the os, although Microsoft has actually currently tried to eliminate it when. Thanks to it, we can rapidly access the entire list of programs installed on our PC, as well as a series of fundamental alternatives on our computer, such as, for instance, to shut off or restart the computer. The Windows 10 Start menu changed a lot compared to Windows 7, and users did not like that much. Now, after more than 5 years, Microsoft is still trying to find how to improve it and, in 2021, we will see a series of little modifications that will look for to improve its look and the order of all programs.

How the Start menu order presently works

To this day, the start menu uses the” ProgramData” directory site as a kind of database. Thanks to it, in this menu we can just find the accesses to the programs, and not other kinds of files or executables that would cause more disorder.

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Windows 10 Start Menu Changes

Inside this directory site are all the programs, and it produces a series of hot folders utilizing a Shell reasoning function called” Folder reasoning “.

The problem is that, the malpractice of lots of developers, triggers folders to be developed within this start menu, within which there is only one executable, which need to be in the list of programs. The same opts for setup files or uninstallers, products that need to not be on startup.

Now, dealing with the 2021 variations, Microsoft is already thinking about how to give a twist to the company of this system.

Small fixes to the start menu

The very first of the changes Microsoft is working on will eliminate a number of the unnecessary folders that are developed within this Windows start menu. What the os will do is identify all those start-up folders that only have one executable inside them and will immediately get rid of said gain access to from the folder. In this way, the application will become available within the list of applications, together with the others.

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Carpetas inicio build 21227

There will still be folders in between the list of programs, considering that those that have 2 products (for instance, a program and an uninstaller) will still be there. Personally, we think that these folders should also disappear, leaving just the accesses to the programs. But a minimum of it is a primary step towards it.

However this is not the only modification Microsoft is working on. The business is likewise checking a brand-new startup concept that swaps the square corners of the start-up for new rounded corners These corners will provide this menu a far more modern-day touch, and we will probably see them in other components of the os also, such as the task bar and the search bar.

When will these changes show up

At the minute, this is nothing more than testing by Microsoft. We do not understand when these modifications will reach all users. For now, just Expert users of the os can test these developments in the latest builds launched by Microsoft this December.

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However, considering that right now the builds do not point to particular variations of the os, we can not understand if we will see them in the initially upgrade of 2021(21 H1), or we will need to wait on the 2nd upgrade, 21 H2, to take pleasure in these modifications. And we would bank on the latter.

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