Why Can’t I Take Some Screenshots on Mobile?

Why Can’t I Take Some Screenshots on Mobile?. Being able to take screenshots has become a basic option for many users. If it is an option that we use on a recurring basis, it is possible that the “screenshots” folder in our gallery is full of these types of images. However, there are several circumstances in which it will be impossible for us to take a screenshot . Why is this happening?

Screenshots can be easily shared by users. Excerpts from conversations, news, photos or documents are the most common elements and protagonists of many of the screenshots that are taken every minute. However, our mobile can put the brake on us on certain occasions and not allow screenshots on various screens.

Can't I Take Some Screenshots on Mobile

Captures blocked for security

This occurs because the system may disable screen capture on some screens, for security reasons . The main reason is that these screens can contain confidential information, such as the identification of a bank account or other personal information such as the fields where passwords are entered. This information may be susceptible to being intercepted when another person accesses our terminal, just by taking a look at the folder with the screenshots.

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captura de pantalla movil

It’s a controversial decision, one made by almost all layers of manufacturers. The user cannot decide what is or is not sensitive, since the system does it for him, which frustrates on many occasions when we find this inability to take certain screenshots.

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Other motives

But in addition to system restrictions, there are other occasions when screenshots will not be possible. One of the most common is when we are browsing in the incognito mode of the mobile browser. In addition, during the development process, applications have the power to activate or deactivate screenshots , so it is also easy to find ourselves inside an app with sensitive information in which it does not function. It is also part of a security measure, and whose objective is that the malware that can install itself on our system, or infect a specific application, can take screenshots behind our backs

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And can it be avoided?

There is nothing you can do about protected screenshots other than abide by this system security feature. There is no option or tab to enable them. If it is very important to take a screenshot, we can always look for a Rom for our device, which is cooked having eliminated this restriction. However, in most cases, the elimination of such an important security element does not compensate for a specific screen capture.

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