Vivo Mobiles: How to Change Animation Effects

Within the configurations and settings of our mobile, many of them are intended for merely aesthetic changes. Depending on the customization layers, these changes can be more or less varied. The vivo mobiles move with the FuntouchOS layer, practically stock with some modifications, but it allows us to change many of the animations of the system that we use daily.

Vivo Mobiles: How to Change Animation Effects

The system animations take place when we unlock the mobile, put the fingerprint, unlock the screen or charge the mobile, among others. It goes without saying that all animation involves, even a minimum, energy expenditure. For this reason, if our objective is the maximum energy saving, the normal thing will be to deactivate all of them in post of greater autonomy.

How to change animations

In order to manage the animations of the system on live mobiles, we will have to enter the settings menu and then enter “Dynamic effects”. Once I enter we will have at our disposal the six different customization options that we can choose from.

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animaciones sistema vivo

Fingerprint animation

In the case of the fingerprint we have two options. The first allows you to change the animation when it is unlocked by the fingerprint on the screen , with spectacular color effects and explosions. The second refers to the icon, which acts as a guide to know where to put your finger and is constantly displayed with the screen locked.

animacion huella vivo

Facial recognition animation

This is the animation that is activated by facial recognition. We also have five elements to select from, between different abstract designs and a nice face as an emoticon.

animacion reconocimiento facial vivo

Screen on / off animation

For speed and battery saving, this is the option that many prefer to leave disabled . However, it must be recognized that the effect when the screen is turned on or off can be much more attractive if we select one in our live. In this case, three designs are offered, with fades that go from the central part, one side or from the top.

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animacion desbloqueo pantalla vivo

Battery charging animation

Vivo mobiles have Flash Charge technology for fast charging . When a compatible charger is connected, the animation is activated that reveals that the terminal is charging at its maximum speed. We can also change this animation, with several rings to choose from.

animacion carga vivo

USB connection animation

Finally, we have the USB connection animation. This is activated when we connect the mobile to the computer or to another USB port . In this case, the animation emerges from the bottom, with different solar flare-style effects.

animacion usb vivo

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