Treo Site Speed, Free Tool to See the Speed of a Website

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When we are going to create a website it is very important to offer a good service. It is essential that it has compatibility for all devices, that it looks good, that the content is clear … But it is also vital that it works fast. The fact that when entering a website it loads very slowly, it takes time to display the content, it can cause visitors to leave and not continue browsing. In this article we are going to talk about Treo Site Speed . It is a free tool that tells whether a web page is fast or not.

Why it is important that the web loads fast

It is important that the web loads fast for different reasons. On the one hand, of course, is being able to offer a good service. Users who enter a site will want it to load quickly, that it does not take longer than necessary to show all the content and that, ultimately, it does not slow down navigation.

Treo Site Speed

But this is also going to be important in order for that page to appear in search engines. Services like Google highly value this type of aspect, such as a website loading as quickly as possible. Otherwise they can penalize you and position yourself worse in the search engine.

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For all this it is necessary that the web load fast. There are different factors that come into play that can slow down this process. For example, if we have a lot of heavy images, videos, accessories … There may also be differences depending on where the web is hosted.

We must know at all times if our page loads well or generates problems. Luckily we have tools to help us obtain this information. One of them is Treo Site Speed, which is very easy to use and also free. Let’s see how it works.

Treo Site Speed, the tool to see if a website is fast

One of the peculiarities that Treo Site Speed has is that it is based on real user data. In this way we can have more guarantees that what it shows is close to reality, to what the users who enter our page at a certain time are going to see.

It is based on the Chrome UX reporting dataset. Treo Site Speed uses these reports and displays them in a simple way to know if a website is fast. It is as simple as entering the URL of that page and waiting for the corresponding results to appear.

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To do this, the first thing we have to do is enter Treo Site Speed . As we say, it is a totally free site and it is very simple and intuitive to use.

Treo Site Speed

Once we are inside we will see a bar to put the address that interests us, as it appears in the image above. There we will simply have to put the URL we want and we give Find.

Usar Treo Site Speed

Later we will see information related to the loading speed of the site, according to the average of the real users. It is represented in a bar graph, in order to have a better vision. The content collected during the last 12 months appears there.

We can put the mouse cursor over any bar on the chart and thus obtain more detailed information for a specific month. This shows us if the speed is correct or not, to find a way to improve it and not have problems.

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Different graphics appear, so we can have very varied detailed information. It even shows us how many users use mobile devices or desktop computers, as well as the origin. We already know that in many cases a website does not load as well on a mobile phone as on a computer, since it depends on whether it is correctly adapted to all types of devices or not.

In short, Treo Site Speed is an interesting tool that we can use for free in our browser to find out if a web page works fast or has speed problems. This is essential for our site to function smoothly, so that it does not generate problems that can affect both users and the positioning of that website.

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