The LG Velvet Receives the Update to Stable Android 11

In recent days we have learned a lot of information about LG and its mobile phone division. In fact, it has been speculated that the Korean giant could finally sell this division. Be that as it may, the brand continues with its plans, working on the new updates that its phones receive, such as the LG Velvet with Android 11 .

More than a month ago we told you that the LG Velvet had begun to receive its portion of Android 11 in beta form, which is usually interesting news, which anticipates a close update. Now it has come of age, and is stably extended to all LG Velvet.

Stable version of Android 11

The version that arrived at the end of December to the LG Velvet was the beta , which as usual is the first to be released to be able to test it among the users who sign up for it. Obviously this means that the majority of users have not had access to it. Something that changes now with the release of the stable version, for now at least in South Korea, and it is to be expected that very soon in the rest of mobile phones globally. The version of this firmware is V20c, and it has a weight of 2.3GB .

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LG Velvet

This update comes with the latest Android security patch, the one corresponding to the month of January 2021. Therefore, with this update, LG Velvet users will have the final version of Android 11 on their mobiles, and therefore it is to be expected If it has now reached Korea, in the coming days and week it will reach users from other regions, including Europeans. In order to perform the update, it is necessary to have at least 50% battery in the phone. An update that obviously gives Velvet users all the benefits of Google’s new operating system.

Main novelties of this update

Once the beta has been tested and it has been verified that everything works perfectly, this version of the operating system offers new features known to all, typical of this version of Android. Such as the new Always On mode, the new desktop icons , as well as the popular improved dark mode .

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LG Velvet Android 11

Along with this update the overall performance of the phone is also improved. If you have not yet seen the update ready on your mobile, you can always force it, searching manually in the settings. Hopefully in a few days or one or two weeks we will have this update also available in Europe.


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