Spotify Error Code 3 [8 Fixes For This Login Issue]

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming music services around. It’s a mobile phone and desktop staple that users just can’t live without.

If you’re receiving the dreaded Error Code 3, we’ve compiled some of the top solutions from around the internet so you can back to streaming music goodness.

What Is Error Code 3?

According to this support thread, it refers to an “incorrect username or password” error.

Error Code 3 Solution #1

Over in that same Spotify support community, they found a verified solution. Scroll down below the image to implement it.


1. Go to You’ll see all the details about your account. Here in the Profile section, you will see your username: “xxxxxx”



Email[email protected]

Copy your username and password, and then use them to log in to your preferred device Table/PC/Smartphone. Many users cleared the error using this strategy.

Error Code 3 Solution #2

Another Spotify user said that what he did to clear the error was to login into the email associated with his account, locate an old reset password email, and then use the link to just reset the password.

Error Code 3 Solution #3

Another user said that he didn’t actually use his email, but just the username. For example, instead of [email protected], he just entered his username. This was on the app, not on the website itself.

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Error Code 3 Solution #4

Over in this same support thread, a user fixed the problem by checking his Gmail for an alert from Spotify.

He found an admin email from them saying that they had reset his password because they thought his password/account had been compromised.

After going through the password reset process, he was home free and back to streaming.

Other Fixes

A Reddit Solution

Over at Reddit, one user posted that for several days he couldn’t log into Spotify anymore.

What happened was that whenever he tried to log in, it showed his start page as offline for a few seconds. Next, it would log him out and display error code 3. He wondered whether it could be because he’s using an ad blocker.

The top solutions were to:

  1. Turn off a VPN
  2. Pay for a Spotify Premium account
  3. Reset your password

Another Reddit Solution

Another Reddit user was having problems with a Spotify app, complaining that he’s receiving a wrong username or password error. He had verified the credentials by logging in on his desktop, but still the app was rejecting his login.

One user pointedly told the user to stop using a cracked Spotify app. According to him, Spotify has been cracking down hard on these cracked apps.

Another user hypothesized that the errors are occurring because Spotify is clean sweeping modded apks. They had been issuing warnings that account suspensions could occur if you continue using them.

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Another Redditor said that he had the same exact problem as the original poster occurring on his Blackberry Keyone as well as on his FiiO X5 III. Though, he wasn’t using a cracked app and was, in fact, paying for Premium.

He posted a fix- saying that it’s occurring because of a version problem.

Here’s his process:

1. First, he purged all Spotify data from his phones and then uninstalled Spotify. 2. He then downloaded the newest version from the Google Play Store and installed it again.

You can find different download options for Spotify here.

A Solution

A user submitted this error to the community: “Error: Spotify Login Information Not Valid”.

He complained that whenever he tried playing Spotify through Sonos, it notified him that it’s “Unable to play [song title] – the Spotify login information is not valid.

The problem seems to occur because of how Spotify was authenticating accounts via Facebook.

The top recommended solution if you’re using Sonos with Spotify is to download the most recent version (). If that doesn’t clear the error, contact support!

A Facebook Fix

Over on Facebook, the consensus was that error code 3 was a Spotify glitch that was fixed by corporate. So take to Twitter and see if their Twitter account has mentioned anything- perhaps try tweeting @ them.

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If these fixes don’t clear the error, consider contacting Spotify support. There’s also an active Spotify user forum for user-generated fixes.

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Spotify System Requirements

For an up to date list Spotify’s system requirements, click here.

Model OS
iPhone iPhone 4S or above iOS 9 or above. 100 MB free space
iPad iPad 2 or above iOS 9 or above. 100 MB free space
iPod 5th generation iPod Touch or above iOS 9 or above. 100 MB free space
Android phone Any device Android OS 4.0.3 or above. 500 MB free space
Android tablet Any device Android OS 4.0.3 or above. 500 MB free space
Mac Any device OS X 10.9 or above
Windows Any device Windows 7 or above

Error code: 3 CAN’T LOGIN

Hi! I’m trying to acces the app on my desktop but it keeps throwing me the ERROR 3: incorrect username or password. Up to now, I’ve tried this solutions: Login with username Login with email Reset password Login with past and new password Uninstall and install again the app Nothing has worked!

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