Security Predictions in Teleworking for 2021

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Remote work has grown a lot in recent times. Everything related to the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated something that was already growing previously. This possibility is increasingly adopted by companies that enable their workers to carry out tasks without the need to be physically present. However, this can also lead to computer security problems if we do not take adequate measures. In this article we echo some predictions for 2021 related to cybersecurity in teleworking .

Security predictions for telecommuting in 2021

We are approaching the end of a year 2020 in which remote work has taken on a major importance in many cases. Social distancing has caused many workers to begin to perform their functions from home, as well as many others who alternated remote work with face-to-face work have promoted the former.

Security Predictions in Teleworking for 2021

But logically this fact has also been exploited by cybercriminals. Ultimately, they tend to set their sights on what is most used or where they can be more successful by hosting more users. In this case, they have mainly taken advantage of those workers who are not well prepared in terms of computer security knowledge, as well as the use of networks that may not be properly protected.

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Looking to 2021, teleworking will continue to be essential. In fact, according to many labor analysts, in many cases it will stay forever. Therefore, at least we will have to take measures to protect ourselves in the face of this new year. Here some computer security experts have made some predictions about what points will be important for the next year and working remotely.

VPN en el teletrabajo

More use of the cloud

One of the predictions is the upward trend in the use of the cloud . Companies are increasingly using these types of services, especially now that many of their employees will have to work remotely and thus have to access files and services from the organization itself. Therefore, one of the tips would be to enhance the security of these cloud services.

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Another point that network security will mark in 2021 in the face of teleworking is zero trust. Cyber attacks are very present, as we have indicated, but especially those that seek to steal data can be a serious problem for an organization. This means that we must always keep in mind zero trust or Zero Trust. This can be achieved through authentication, information encryption, analysis, etc.

Data protection is also going to be a challenge. Organizations, at least in certain cases, have not provided employees with the necessary tools to protect the information and data of that organization. It can be a problem when a worker connects his personal computer to a corporate network. This could lead to information leakage or even open the door to external attacks. Hence the importance of also protecting personal equipment for 2021.

Another prediction they make is the implementation of more SD-WAN technology options in the home. They believe vendors will be under pressure in 2021 to offer solutions that are scalable enough to deploy in every employee’s home office environment.

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In short, these are some predictions that could mark 2021 in the face of teleworking. As we always say, it is advisable at all times to keep computers safe, protect our networks and of course always keep common sense in mind. We leave you an article with some safety tips for teleworking.

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