Samsung: How to Delete Open Files in One UI

We live in a time when protecting our personal data is essential. There are certain elements that are beyond our control, such as that the data exposed on a certain platform, its security is compromised. However, within our own mobile there are security elements that we can configure to enhance part of our privacy from unwanted glances.

Samsung is one of the companies that has been improving the privacy options the most . Within One UI, any small detail in the options can be interesting to enhance this section. Some of these options are less obvious than others, but they are no less useful or interesting for that. For this reason, today we are going to talk about the trick that allows you to delete the list of recently consulted files. In this way, an extra plus of privacy is achieved, especially in those devices that can pass through several hands.

Clear file history

Like the browsing history, One UI records the activity carried out in the query of different files. This trace is intended for faster access in case you need to consult the same information again. “My files”, allows you to show this activity relative to the recently consulted files, but we can deactivate this list so that there is no evidence of those we have reviewed. This means that the opened videos or photos will appear in the recent files tab.

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Inside “My Files”

To be able to do this, we will have to slide up to access the applications panel. Once done, we must touch on the “Samsung” folder and then enter “My Files.” Once inside, we must select the three points in the upper right, which gives access to a contextual menu of various options. Among them, we will see “Delete recent files list”, as can be seen in the image below these lines.

archivos recientes en Samsung

Won’t delete files

By clicking on the option, the history of consulate files recently will be deleted , so it will disappear from the preview when entering My files. We must be calm, since the function does not delete any files. This affects both the files stored in the internal memory, as well as the ones we have on the memory card, or different accounts in the cloud such as Samsung Cloud, OneDrive or Google Drive. If we are logged into these services, the preview of the open files will also appear in the recent list.

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