Qoob Stories: View and Download Photos, Stories and Videos from Instagram

Instagram is one of the fashionable social networks along with TikTok. At first Instagram was to only upload photos, however, Facebook has been adding new functions such as uploading videos, “Stories” to quickly view photos and videos in the states, and we even have Instagram TV. The Qoob Stories tool will allow us to view and download all the photos, videos and Stories of a specific profile that we want, and all this easily and quickly. Do you want to know how Qoob Stories works to make the most of Instagram?

Main features of Qoob Stories

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Qoob Stories is an intelligent Instagram profile viewer that will allow us to navigate and also save all the content locally , in this way, we can view stories, highlights, photos and videos easily and quickly, in addition, we can do this both for Instagram accounts that are public and also private .

Qoob Stories

If you are interested in seeing the stories, photos and videos of any Instagram profile on your computer, and also downloading it on your computer , this tool will allow us to do it very quickly. We will simply have to put the name of the profile in the tool, and we will automatically access the selected profile and we will have an option to download all the information. Another important aspect is that we can save the photos and videos with all the metadata of the Instagram accounts , including the hashtags and also the geolocations of the photos. With Qoob Stories we can also download the original description of the photo that appears in the different publications, and even configure an Instagram account as a favorite, to download the content automatically without us having to intervene again.

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Other interesting characteristics of Qoob Stories is that it will allow us to see the Instagram stories of any public account without appearing in the list of people who have seen it , in this way, we will view these stories as “incognito”, without the need for us to believe a fake account. Instagram feeds on the advertising of its advertisers, if we see Instagram with this tool, we can see all the stories, photos and videos without any advertising , since it will automatically block everything that is advertising content, ideal to fully enjoy the experience. Finally, we can download entire Instagram accounts in a few seconds , we can save all their content, this is ideal for making a backup of our own Instagram account.

The Qoob Stories tool is free but it also has payment plans, depending on the chosen plan, we will have more or less features. You can see all the differences below:

  • Free plan : it is free for personal use, it has very basic features, we can only view and download content from 2 Instagram profiles per day, in addition, we can only download 100 photos and 100 videos per day.
  • Personal Plan : this plan is priced at € 8.47 per month, we can view and download content from a total of 10 Instagram profiles per day, and unlimited download of photos, videos, stories, highlights, access to private accounts and without showing Instagram advertising.
  • Professional Plan : this plan is priced at € 30.25 per month, we can view and download content from unlimited profiles, and unlimited download of photos, videos, stories, highlights, access to private accounts and without showing Instagram advertising. It also includes export of publications, commercial use is allowed and automatic subscription to new content uploaded by profiles.
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This is how Qoob Stories works

The first thing we have to do is download the tool on our computer and install it, the download can be done directly from the official Qoob Stories website , once downloaded, we will install it like any other program on Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu systems. Once installed, we will see the main menu of the tool.

At the top we can see a search bar for Instagram profiles, and the subscribe button to see all updates. In the central part, it will indicate the main characteristics of this software, such as the possibility of saving the content of any Instagram account, as well as the possibility of making a backup copy of the account, and even logging in to our own account.

qoob stories 1

At the bottom we can see the subscriptions available, we are using the free version of this software, therefore, we have limitations. If we look for the Instagram account of this article (redeszone_net) we will get the logo, and the option to subscribe.

qoob stories 3

As soon as we have subscribed, we can see the profile photo and also all the photos that we have uploaded, in addition, we can enter this Instagram profile and download all the content automatically.

qoob stories 4

If we click on any of the photos, we will realize that they have already been downloaded locally to the computer, so we will open them directly from here.

qoob stories 5 1

If we now look for another account with more publications, such as “adslzone”, we will be able to see the automatic download of all publications, until we reach the limit of 100 per day. We must remember that it is one of the limitations of this software in its free version.

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qoob stories 6

If we enter the “adslzone” profile we can see that all the publications have been downloaded, with their descriptions, hashtag and all the metadata of the photos.

qoob stories 8

The same happens with the videos, we can see the videos and the download is also automatic.

qoob stories 9

In the “Preferences” section we can change the location of the downloaded photos and videos, we can also activate or deactivate the automatic update, classify the publications, the language, activate the safe mode, and even run Qoob Stories in the background, start it when start the operating system, and have access to beta versions of the tool.

Other options we have are to configure a Proxy, configure notifications and add the product license.

As you can see, Qoob Stories is a very powerful tool that will allow us to automatically view and download all the content we want from Instagram to save it locally. The most remarkable thing about this tool is its ease when searching for profiles and starting to download their content, since it is almost automatic.

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