Programming Languages to Learn in 2021 – The Most Important

More and more IT-related jobs require knowledge of programming as a requirement. Programming is not a concept that is learned as such, but we have a large number of different languages which we will use depending on the project we are carrying out. But not all programming languages are equally important and used. Therefore, if you are thinking of taking advantage of this new 2021 to take the first steps in programming, these are the languages you should start with.

First of all, make it clear that we cannot focus on a single programming language (unless it is exactly the one we need to learn and want to fully master) nor should we try to cover many languages at the same time. The ideal is to start controlling the basic, simpler languages more or less well, and from there to diversify. This is so because, in this way, we will obtain a base of concepts, which will make it easier for us to learn other languages.

Programming Languages to Learn in 2021 - The Most Important

We cannot know exactly what will happen in 2021 in the technology sector. But we can get an idea of which will be the most relevant programming languages.

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Lenguajes programación

C and C ++, the star languages

C is back in the No. 1 position as the most widely used programming language. Despite being one of the oldest, it is an excellent base to start from scratch, and it allows, with the right libraries, to do almost everything. It is true that it has great shortcomings as it is an obsolete language and is not object-oriented. But it offers a lot of possibilities when it comes to learning other languages, and, why not, creating our own programs.

If we want something more advanced, we can go for C ++ . This language is, broadly speaking, an expanded or extended version of C. It has countless additional functions and features and offers many more possibilities when carrying out certain projects. We can even use it to create our own games on major 3D engines, like Unity.

And if we are going to develop programs for Windows, then we must opt for C # , a more advanced language (and simple, in a way) as long as we do not leave the Microsoft ecosystem.

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Web programming languages

The creation and maintenance of websites is very important in order to start working for a company. Therefore, knowing in depth the most used languages can also open many doors. On the one hand we have HTML and CSS , the languages used to display the web and give it shape. Then we must also learn JavaScript , to add all kinds of functions and elements to the web, and PHP to process information on the server as databases.

The truth is that when creating web pages it is not enough for us to know only one of them (such as CSS), but we must control them all so that we do not have any problem with the frontend or the backend.

Bet on mobile programming

Mobile devices are being used more and more. And we already know that the strong point of these devices are apps and games. Therefore, we cannot let this new 2021 pass to learn programming languages for mobile phones.

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In the case of Android, for example, we can learn either Java or Kotlin , the two languages most used to create applications. And in the case of iOS, Swift , its own language successor to Objective-C.

The development of mobile apps does not necessarily require a company to hire us. We can perfectly use it to create our own applications or our own games. It is not known who will be the next developer to exceed one million sales of their app.

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