Problems When Changing Static IP or DNS in Windows: How to Fix

We can change different network parameters in Windows 10. Sometimes it is necessary to configure a program or to achieve some improvement in the speed and stability of the connection. However we can have some bugs and problems at times. In this article we will explain how to solve when we have problems to change the static IP or the DNS server . We are going to see some steps that we can take into account to solve it.

Avoid problems when changing the static IP or DNS server in Windows

As we know, the IP address can be static or dynamic. This is something that we can configure in a simple way in our operating system. We can also use a wide variety of DNS servers, with which we can improve some aspects such as speed and even security.

Problems When Changing Static I

But it may happen that when changing these values in Windows 10 problems appear. We try to change them and we see that it gives us an error and we do not know what we can do. Luckily we can take into account some simple steps to take and be able to fix this situation.

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Reset IP address and clean DNS

A first step that we can take is to reset the IP address and clean the DNS servers of our computer. We can do it without having to install anything additional, since we can carry out this action from the functions integrated into the Microsoft operating system.

First we will explain how to reset the IP. To do this we have to go to Start, write Command Prompt and run it with administrator permissions. Later we will have to execute two commands: ipconfig / reread and also ipconfig / renew.

In this way what we do is renew the assigned IP address. In case there is a problem, this can come in handy. Later we can modify the static IP address that we want.

The second step is to clean the DNS . Sometimes a problem can also arise that does not allow changing them in Windows 10. For this we have to go once more to the Command Prompt and this time execute netsh winsock reset. What we do this time is reset Winsock. We can also clear the DNS cache by using the command ipconfig / flushdns.

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Set a static IP address from PowerShell

Another option we have to solve problems when putting a static IP address in Windows is to set it from PowerShell. It is simple and can help us avoid some errors that may arise.

To do this we have to go to Start, write PowerShell and execute the Get-NetIPConfiguration command.

Establecer IP estática con PowerShell

As we see in the image, different data appears. We are interested in noting the InterfaceIndex, IPv4Address, IPv4DefaultGateway and DNSServer. Once we have all this data, we must execute the command New-NetIPAddress -InterfaceIndex 10 -IPAddress -PrefixLength 24 -DefaultGateway

Once this is done, execute the command Set-DnsClientServerAddress -InterfaceIndex -ServerAddresses, with the corresponding values.

Edit IP settings in DHCP

One more possibility we have to solve these problems is to edit the IP configuration and assign it as automatic DHCP. It is possible that this value we have changed and it is generating problems.

To assign it we have to go to Start, go to Settings, go to Network and Internet and enter Wi-Fi or Ethernet (depending on what we are using). When we are inside we must go to Manage known networks, select the one that corresponds and click on Properties. Once this is done, go to IP Configuration and assign automatic DHCP.

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Asignar configuración de IP estática

In short, by following these steps we can change the static IP address and also the DNS servers. Sometimes problems can arise when trying to modify them in Windows 10 and we have at our disposal a series of steps with which to change them. We have seen alternatives for both cases.

Many users are looking for a way to hide the IP address to improve privacy. We can make use of VPN tools with which to improve this aspect and surf the net more securely. It is especially interesting to connect to public networks and be able to encrypt the connection and avoid problems that affect us.

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